We all love our cars. However, we cannot forever keep them safe from dirt, mud, scratches, watermarks, fingerprints, etc. Hence, it is best to get a professional car wash done every once in a while to increase the longevity of your car.

People who own proper houses can easily perform their own car wash in their driveways. However, not all of us can afford this luxury. In fact, many people do not like to convert their driveaway or garage into a car washing area. So a professional auto detailing service is the only option here.

On the other hand, those living in apartments do not even have the luxury of a driveway, which means that a car wash is the last resort for them.

So no matter where you live, in a private bungalow or a small apartment, you cannot skip getting a professional car wash for your vehicle.

There are multiple kinds of car washes available, so, before deciding which one to opt for, it is important to do a little research on each of these types. Keep reading to find out.


1.   The Self-Service Car Wash

As the name suggests, a self-service car wash requires you to gear up in your pajamas and t-shirt and get ready for washing your cash using the given tools. The main benefit of a self-service car wash is that it costs less than $10.

All you have to do is park your car at the washing center, use the available tools such as a washing pipe, cleaning liquid, soap, sponge, and anti-grease items to clean your car.

Before the self-service, check all the items you require such as a drying cloth or towel, and ask the company to provide you with everything you need.


2.   The Soft Touch Car Wash

The soft-touch car wash is a sort of automated car wash that makes use of scrub to clean the surface of the car. The soap is rinsed off using high-pressure water.

The main advantage of these washes is that they offer in-depth cleaning. The bristles of the scrub or the brush reach all corners of the car and help in eliminating the trapped dust and pollen particles. However, these brushes can damage the front, side, and back mirrors.


3.   The Automated Car Wash

In an automated wash, a conveyor belt is used on which your car is pulled. A machine operated soap and water hose is then used to clean every part of the car’s surface.

These automated washes are prompt, quick, and easy and cost a maximum of $10. The use of soaps, towels, etc may have additional charges.


4.   The No-Touch Car Wash

The no-touch car wash is the one that only uses cloth material to clean the vehicle’s service. This eliminates the risk of damages caused by the heavy-duty brushes. This car wash type makes use of the least amount of water, hence is environment-friendly.

However, a car detailing with no brushes and scrub may not be as effective as other types of washes. The use of cloth can also chip off your car’s paint.


5.   The Machine Dryer Car Wash

Machine dryer car wash is also a  type of automated car wash that makes use of drying machines. If a car wash is not automated, then servicemen will use towels to dry your car. Towel service will cost you extra.


6.   The Hand Car Wash

You can opt for a professional car wash that is done by hand through trained people. These professionals will offer a car detailing service using high-quality cleaning supplies that will clean every inch of your vehicle’s surface, tires, and under-carriage. However, the hand car wash has its own drawbacks.

If only a single sponge is used to clean the painted surface and the tires, it may end up damaging your car.


7.   The Water Free Car Wash

If you wish to opt for a budget-friendly car wash service then go water-free. In a water-free car wash, a special spray with lubricants mixed inside is used.  This lubricant will remove any dirt and mud trapped in the vehicle.

You can invest in a do it yourself water-free cart wash kit and conserve water. It may not provide in-depth cleaning but is a budget-friendly option.


8.   The Rinse Free Car Wash

If you are in search of a car wash service that will save you time, money, and use of harsh chemicals, then go for a rinse-free car wash.

You can do this by yourself. Simply take two gallons of water in the washing bucket along with a cleaning solution, place a microfiber cloth inside the water, and clean only a single section of your vehicle at a time. Dry the washed area using the micro towel and move on to the next part. Voila! You are done!

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