Offset smoker is a traditional method of preparing barbeque. It’s a popular option among serious barbeque lovers. The flavor and tenderness it retains in meat are just incomparable. But it also has some drawbacks like it takes a lot of time in cooking and its bulky size is troublesome to many. However, if you get well-acquainted with both positive and negative sides of an offset smoker, it will be easy to make a decision. To assist you in making a well-informed decision, here are the advantages and disadvantages of an offset smoker:

Advantages of an offset smoker

•    Constant cooking experience:

In many of the smokers, when you open the door of the cooking chamber, the inside temperature of the smoker gets interrupted and affects the cooking cycle. But with an offset smoker, you don’t need to worry about it. Since an offset smoker comes with a firebox that is separated from the cooking chamber, the inside temperature doesn’t get changed when you add wood chips, logs, chunks or wood pellets.

•    Serves the function of a grill

Most offset smokers include an arrangement to place a grill grate over the firebox. And nowadays many units include custom grill grate. So, you don’t need to purchase a grill extra.

No Need to Open The Cooking Chamber

A good feature with offset smokers is that you can stoke the fire or even add wood chunks, chips, pellets, or logs without the need to open up the main cooking chamber.

•    Large capacity

The bulky size of the offset smoker makes it easier to cook a large amount at a time. The large barrel makes it possible to hold a larger amount than most other smokers. A larger area would always offer a greater ability to smoke larger food quantities.

•    Authentic flavor

The authentic juicy and flavored barbeque an offset smoker can produce is just incomparable.

•    Don’t need much repair

An offset smoker has no electric or gas parts that are prone to get burned or damaged. So, you don’t need much repair or replacement of any part.

Disadvantages of an Offset Smoker

The drawbacks you might face with an offset smoker are like:

•    Poor performance

Cheap models of offset smoker display poor performance and require some assembly. They don’t last long and need frequent replacement. The models that are well-built come at an expensive price range.

•    Not a good option for transport

Most of the offset smoker units are large in size and heavy in weight. They are hard to move. And the bulky size makes them impractical for apartment or condo dwellers.

•    Takes a long time to preheat

An offset smoker demands for quite a long time to preheat. And you need to keep an eye constantly while cooking. This problem makes it a bad option for an after-work cookout.

•    Gets affected by bad weather

The units are not weatherproof and performance can be affected by wind, rain or cold.

Maybe Expensive

A drawback that well experienced, backyard chef’s often experience is the cost of purchasing an offset smoker. Some units come with poor quality components for the price that people have to pay. In rare cases, if you do not purchase the right unit, you can expect the hinges to break away, the metal could rust, and the paint may flake. Sometimes, the temperature outside could also make it difficult for users to maintain it. These units often require proper assembling with utmost care.

•    Demands more Expertise

To maintain a steady heat and smoke, one needs to have patience, dedication and lot of expertise. Only serious cookers can handle these units smoothly.

However, considering all of the advantages and disadvantages of an offset smoker, make sure you do your homework before purchasing. To derive the best out of a smoker, make arrangements to counter the problems.