What does House Extension mean?

A house extension refers to the addition of extra space or room to an existing building. The method of extension is popular as it does not demand the occupants to move out in search of bigger houses. Extension of the house proves to be cost-effective when compared to moving into new houses or apartments to fulfill the requirement of additional room. It even adds value and style to your existing house if planned properly.

House Extension

House Extension

Things to be considered prior to the planning of an extension

Extension of house includes various points to be considered. You must first view the extension process from the financial prospect as any investment done will be for the long run. For example, while planning for a terrace extension you must first check on the entry and exit points to the place as skipping this might lead you to hindrance in carrying building materials and tools into the premise. Prior to any extension planned, you must consider the parking spaces for the existing vehicles. Apart from these points, you must observe the following points as well:

  • The legal rights associated with the area
  • Any past record related to floods
  • The natural environment surrounding the area
  • Soil quality of the work site

Design your house extension appropriately

It is advisable to take help from experts while designing a layout for the house extension because they are into the industry and can visualize a space in the best possible way. They can introduce more functionality aspects to space than our expectations. Consider the following points to maximize the space utility in the extension process of your house:

House Extension

House Extension

  • Identify your requirements

In the first place, you should be aware of the minimum requirements or features you need for the extension. Plan out well and let your expert have the ideas and brainstorm.

  • Call in an Architect

Hand over the extension project to an expert architect. They have the expertise to come up with several designs with multiple functionalities based on the space available. Go for the one that is cost-effective yet aptly fits in with your existing house.

  • Budget

Before commencing on the project, you must always discuss with the expert and sketch out a rough budget for the extension of house. Proper planning on the budget will let you accomplish your project on time and within the planned budget.

  • Application for seeking planning permission

While planning for an extension you must always approve your design from the local authority or any department concerned with permitted rights of the area. Taking their consent will help you to avoid any legal formalities after the completion of the extension.

  • Pick an expert builder

Get the background checked before picking up a builder for your project. Experienced builders will have more idea design wise and will perform efficiently. A proper comparative study of the builders in the market is essential.

This short and crisp brief about house extension will help a non-professional to go ahead with his or her extension project and complete it successfully. With the prices elevating immensely in this era, it is always recommendable to go for an extension. House extension not only adds space to the existing property it also adds the value to your property.  Moreover, if you love where you live just opt for an extension with your eyes blindfolded. Add value to your house by mixing and matching contradictory house designs and create your own living space style statement!