Many people are finding it tough to lose the excess fat around the stomach. This is because careful dietary habits and working out are not always enough to attain a flat stomach. Luckily, you can accomplish this objective through a tummy tuck procedure, also referred to as abdominoplasty. The procedure tightens the stomach muscles and eradicates excess fat and skin from the belly. The team at L.A. Vinas M.D. Plastic Surgery, Med Spa & Skin Care Centers, under the leadership of Luis A. Viñas, MD, offers tummy tuck in West Palm Beach, helping you achieve your ideal body with significant and safe cosmetic enhancements. To restore your curvy, lean body, call, or schedule an appointment online.

What Is A Tummy Tuck Procedure?

This is a common cosmetic procedure that involves tightening and sculpting the abdomen area to achieve a flatter stomach.  During the procedure, the doctor makes an incision in the lower abdomen, eliminating excess tissue and fat, and then drawing the skin down and securing it into the right position with sutures. Abdomens have different tones in different people. Hence, the doctor will analyze the shape and structure of your abdomen, waist, flanks, and hips, which will all influence the chosen tummy tuck technique. For instance, the surgical method for a person whose highest worry is a loss of tone is not the same as that of an individual who has excess skin from pregnancy or weight loss.

Should You Have A Tummy Tuck Procedure?

A tummy tuck procedure is an effective cosmetic surgery that can resolve various issues. This includes weight gain around the abdomen, abdominal fat resistant to work out and diet, excess abdominal skin due to weight loss or pregnancy, and detached stomach muscles due to pregnancy. Normally, you need to be in good health to undertake a tummy tuck procedure, and it’s also crucial that you have realistic goals for the procedure outcome. At L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, Dr. Luis will help you choose the right procedure for your body goals. He is also well experienced and skilled to execute other cosmetic techniques in addition to your tummy tuck, such as liposuction, to help improve your outcome.

How Will You Uphold The Results?

A tummy tuck procedure helps you to tone, shape, and regain your beautiful abdomen. However, losing or gaining a lot of weight after the process can compromise your results. To ensure you maintain this surgery’s benefits and the achieved flat stomach, you should have a balanced diet plan and workout program. Sometimes, you may need to undergo a second procedure to tighten and tone the belly. However, if you follow the provided aftercare instructions given by your provider, you will enjoy the look of your enhanced flat stomach for years. For a comfortable recovery and any pain you might feel, the doctor will give you numbing medication to the surgical site that will last for up to four days after the operation.

To sum up, don’t struggle to achieve a flat stomach any longer. The tummy tuck at L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery & Med Spa effectively tightens your abdomen area to achieve a flat belly. For more information about the procedure and personalized consultation, schedule an appointment online.