Accessorize Your Hair


Regardless of the season, it’s always fun to put some flare in your hair. Up-dos, down-dos, ponies or half-up-half-down styles- there are so many varieties of hair styles that you can do, that it just never get boring. There are countless celebrities whose hair-dos you can copy, many tutorials on different braids, buns etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming at chick or boho, nowadays there is a simple DIY for everything.

The next best thing is a hair accessory. Making it glam, chick, stylish or just darn cute- it’s up to you. There are countless options for decorating your hair and giving it that extra something, so if you haven’t already, maybe you should try some. Most are pretty inexpensive or really easy to DIY, so continue reading to find what you’ll pin in your hair next.

A Dash of Color

bobby pin

Geometric bobby pin hair art.

There are numerous ways you can get a pinch of color in your hair, but the one that has been getting more and more attention is pretty simple, minimalist, EASY and something you would never have thought of. What you need is a few bobby pins, depending on the shape you want to make, spray paint or a nail polish and a bit of hair spray. To prep the bobby pins just color them any color you like (p.s. Metallic are in this season) and leave them to dry for a bit. Once you have finished with your hairstyle grab the bobby pins and make some sort of pattern. Geometric works best with these so you could make a triangle shape or a chevron shape and voila! A small dash of color to make it interesting. Tip: spray the pins with some hairspray and turn them bumpy side down for a better hold.

Flowers in Your Hair


Flower crowns are a popular choice for boho girls and brides-to-be.

This one has become immensely popular. In the past romantic flowers as accessories in hair have mostly been reserved for wedding and festival season, but that frame is becoming ever so loose nowadays. With many styles of fashion developing in a way that even welcomes the buds of nature to be incorporated, flower wreaths and crowns are becoming more and more common in everyday fashion. As per usual, the internet offers so many step by step tutorials on how to make your custom made crown with beautiful romantic flowers in beautiful pastels, and platforms like Pinterest or WeHeartIt are there to give you inspiration. So lay some multicolored flowers out, get some beads and some wire and start DIYing. If a crown is still too big of a statement piece  for you, you can attach a flower or two to a hair clip and just clip it in on the side of your bun or in the root of your braid. It will look fabulous either way.



Let your inner child out with Minnie.

This accessory is timeless, looks good in every season and can be incorporated into every style depending on what you opt for. From lace to crystals, leather or neon graphic prints, they make them in all shapes and sizes, with beading, print, pearls and sparkles. And it is also another thing you can easily make by yourself, for a costume or for everyday use. Just find your perfect style, get your materials in any craft store near you and get at it. Tip: You can use a hairband to make beautiful beachy no-heat curls. Before You go to sleep just put the hairband on your head, wrap your entire hair around the band looping it over and over again and let it stay overnight. In the morning your hair will be a gorgeous boho creation and with so little effort.