A privacy window film is sort of a sticker that you can paste on the glasses for privacy purposes. They are good for making changes in your interiors while still being inexpensive as compared to traditional window treatments.

Why Buy A Privacy Window Film?

  • A privacy window film is affordable, easy to install, low maintenance, and create beauty and privacy in your home. With just one roll of privacy window film, you can change the look of any window, and keep out prying eyes.
  • The best films are decorated with white ink in designer patterns, do not fade, and protect both your furnishings and you from the harsh UV rays. They also deter heat reducing the overall electricity consumption.
  • Unlike curtains, shades, and blinds, the films do not need to be opened or closed. You even do not need to install any hardware to hang it. You just need to apply it once and forget about it completely. They also do not require dry-cleaning and are very easy to clean.
  • Sometimes you only wish to cover some parts of the window. A privacy window film lets you do so.
  • Materials applied on glass doors and windows tend to wear off due to moisture and water. However, a privacy window film is waterproof.

How To Install Privacy Window Film?

All you need is a pair of scissors, a water bottle, a measuring tape, and a squeegee.

  • You just need to measure your windowpane first.
  • Cut the privacy window film into the same size.
  • Spritz the glass and material with water to activate the glue.
  • Lastly, place the film on the window and stick it.

The process is so easy that it can be completed in a very short time. It is also completely safe to install a privacy window film since it does not include the usage of any hardware or breakable objects. You can perform the installation on your own even.

A few installation tips:

  • Clean the windows and surface you are going to work on.
  • Wear plain clothes that are not fuzzy and do not have lint.
  • Leave the film for twenty-four hours after purchase to let it rest if you have purchased a roll.
  • Invite a friend over for extra help.
  • If you are not confident about cutting the film in accurate size, cut it with an extra inch of seam. Once you apply the film, you can use scissors or a straight-edged razor to trim it.

What are the uses of a privacy window film?

People often use privacy window film to cover bedroom windows, front door sidelights, bathroom doors, glass cabinets in the kitchen, etc. The film not only blocks onlookers from peeping inside but also lets natural light come in. Some of the uses of these films are:

  • To decorate the interiors of their homes by applying stained films on tabletops, vases, and mirrors.
  • If your kitchen has glass cabinet doors and you want to hide the scattered contents in those cabinets, using a privacy window film is a good option.
  • Covering glass shower doors and bathroom doors if you share your home with flatmates, siblings, or children.