Diet-To-Go is a meal delivery company that provides a variety of meals for individuals who want to lose weight. All the meals delivered are prepared from scratch in the innovative and USDA-accredited kitchens of Diet To Go Company. The company offers home delivery services to clients throughout the United States. However, there are local pick-up locations with partnering gyms and clinics in Washington DC, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and New Jersey.

Weight loss and meal planning experience

With many fly-by-night firms and scams, dieters must be cautious about the information that they get online. Diet-To-Go is a well-established company with its headquarters in Lorton, Virginia. The company was created by Hilton Davis in 1995 and has over 20 years experience in the industry. The company has set a reputation that they must protect and they are therefore trustworthy. You will feel safe because you will be dealing with a reliable firm that has a secure online ordering process.

Weight loss success stories

For over 20 years, Diet-To-Go has assisted millions of people to lose weight painlessly, safely and effortlessly. You can check the internet for not just one reviewer’s opinion of the diet, but countless reviews of people who have lost weight while enjoying fresh, tasty meals from Diet-To-Go. Most users give positive reviews about the meals designed by renowned weight loss experts and prepared by professional chefs.

Meal planning made easy

When planning to lose weight, shopping for the right food and vegetables can be quite draining and confusing for most individuals. The Diet-To-Go program has come up with three meal plans to suit the needs of different individuals. There is a plan for low-carb, low-fat menu and vegetarian meal plan. You can always pick the meal plans that suit you best and change menus or make substitutions. This will ensure that you do not get bored with the food choices that you make.


With Diet-To-Go meal plan, you have the convenience of making your order from the comfort of your office or home. This ensures that you stick to your weight-loss regimen without any problem. Most people tend to quit their weight loss diet programs because they lack adequate time for shopping and planning for their meals. Busy lifestyles force people to opt for fast food restaurants which encourage poor eating. Diet-To-Go eliminates the meal planning process and makes it easy for you to order your foods without any problem. Meal orders can be made by phone or online and your food will be delivered to your office or home.

Live support

Most people do not know the best foods that they should eat for weight loss. If you are unsure about the best plan for you, you can talk to professionals through live chat or by phone on the Diet-To-Go website. The company has health coaching professionals who help clients to choose and plan the best meals. These professionals also offer the much-needed support that clients need throughout their weight loss journey.

The Diet-To-Go meal delivery service is one of the most popular diets for individuals who want to shed some kilos. The company does not tie down its clients with service contracts. This means that you can cancel this service whenever you want. For best weight loss results, it is best that you consult your doctor before starting this or any other meal plan.