Any future bride knows well just how important it is to make sure that all the vital details and arrangements are ready, lovely and just perfect for your big day. Still, sometimes keeping everything in check can get difficult, especially when it comes to flower girls and their dresses, shoes, jewelry, fashion accessories, flower baskets and rehearsals. To help the future bride get through her lengthy To Do list with minimum stress and time and take proper care of all the flower girl essentials, we bring you several useful tips on what aspects to particularly watch out for when preparing your flower girls for the big day.


A glamorous attire: Lovely flower girl dresses

One of the most important aspects of any flower girl’s look is a lovely gown, so it’s the first and probably the most critical thing to keep in mind when preparing your little one for the wedding ceremony. Prices of flower girl dresses vary depending on where you’re ordering it, whether you are having it tailor-made by a professional seamstress, as well as the fabric used for the gown, its style and size. When choosing the dress for your flower girl, make sure it is as comfortable, soft and well-fitting size-wise as it is beautiful to prevent potential scratching, tugging and tripping during the ceremony.

A confident walk down the isle: Shoes for flower girls

One of the often neglected or overlooked aspects of a flower girl’s appearance, shoes are the next item on the list of things to keep in mind when preparing your daughter or cousin for the wedding ceremony. When shopping for the flower girl footwear, make sure the shoes for your little one are comfortable and adequately sized to prevent accidents or blisters forming during the walk down the isle and the wedding after-party. Also, it would be wise to get the footwear at least a month before the ceremony so that the child has enough time to break them in by wearing them around the house.

All that bling and glitz: Jewelry and fashion accessories

One more aspect of your flower girl’s looks, jewelry and fashion accessories deserve a significant place on your wedding prep list. When dressing up your girl for the ceremony, don’t overdo the ornamental part: a small pearl stud and a simple necklace or bracelet will do the trick just fine, so try to keep the fashion style minimal yet tasteful. If you want to achieve a more elaborate or sophisticated look, you may as well turn your attention to your flower girl’s hair and embellish it with a tiara, a handful of cute barrettes or some flowers.

Practice makes perfect: Rehearse the flower girl part

The key to any successful stage-play (and wedding ceremonies are basically that, when you get down on it) is rehearsing and re-rehearsing every critical part. To make sure your flower girl’s walk down the isle goes by perfectly, start rehearsing it a few months in advance. Why not even hire wedding photography professionals from Sydney if you happen to be in the area, for your rehearsals.
This will help the girl make most of her aisle time, build confidence and make a seamless appearance on the big day. In case you and your future spouse are rehearsing the ceremony at home or in church, bring the little one along and allow her to rehearse her part with you – she will certainly love the attention and consideration you’ll be showing her by this simple act.

A good dose of joy, cheer and liveliness of any wedding day comes from the flower girls, so don’t overlook their part on your big day. To ensure a seamless ceremony and a stylish appearance of your little aisle walk companions, start preparing them and their gowns, shoes and fashion accessories well in advance.