Marriage and the Pandemic

First comes the ‘Big Day’ full of bliss and joy.  Next comes married life, the reality… oh boy!

The reality is that married life is a challenging road that calls for much patience, tolerance, compromise, sacrifice, commitment, and constant work to keep the flame burning. The pandemic has thrown even more challenges in, as many face financial problems they have never encountered before… (believe me, I was never a barbie or supermodel kind – always looking fab, but I was never the ‘frumpy granny’ unkempt type either!  But with bills to pay and reduced income, something had to give… I’m sure some of you can relate).  If you feel like COVID has put a spoke in your wheel where that warm affection and fiery attraction are concerned, then it is time to do something about it.

What You Can Do To Spice It Up

What can you do to spice up your relationship and get back to your sexy groove?  Throw a stunning 2021 Pandemi-versary! As with anything else in life, sometimes we have to pause, assess our situation, re-prioritize, and re-focus.  If your anniversary has passed, you could simply name it belated anniversary splash… or just resurrect date night (but not just any date night! Noooo!!)!  You are going to plan one very special date, yes, the mother of all date nights, planned months in advance; and, just like a first date, you’re gonna pull out ALL the stops!!!  I mean a full-on sequel wedding if you will!  This will be the perfect chance to remind your partner how much of an eye candy you can be. 😉

I can hear those little alarms going off in your heads right now… ‘weren’t we just discussing budget constraints due to COVID!?’…  Ahh yes. But remember, this is your ‘sequel wedding’ kind of date night so it’s planned at least two full months in advance!

To achieve your Epic Date Night or Pandemi-versary, what you will need to do is:

  • Calculate how much money you can squeeze out of the budget each week to put in the Pandemi-versary/Epic Date Night piggy bank.  And commit to it each week without fail.
  • Calculate what your grand total should be based on the timeframe you gave yourself to save. Make a note of it in your planner.
  • Agree upon a date that is low peak/off-season (such as a day in the week, and hopefully not a holiday or time when services will be in high demand) in an effort to cash in on lower costs. Of course, none of that matters much if you’re able to host your party right in your backyard!  Remember to send the save the date notice to invitees.

Now, just for clarification, this anniversary or date night will be reminiscent of a first date in that you are going to pull out all the stops to impress your spouse – the clothes, the hair, the gifts, the location or the activities, basically, all those special little touches that captivated your spouse’s interest.  But, with a twist!  This will be a date night shared with family and friends (if state laws allow gathering; of course you want to be sure to adhere to the safety guidelines of social distancing and sanitising and all… If there is a tight, limit on gatherings, or out of the abundance of caution you choose to not physically invite others, you still can proceed with your extravagant plans and Zoom/Skype to all your family and friends!  So you have no excuse not to spruce up ;), and will include romantic teaser games like what you would play at a bachelorette party.  It is a date night that you both will be aware of and work toward, and both parties would have an equal split portion of the budget for secret gift ideas for their spouse.

Ok, ok… I hear you.  Let’s get to the meat of the matter… how to pull this off during the pandemic.

How to Do It

You can’t afford to pay for a professional event planner, but no one has to know that.  The trick is to find the right DIY help.    Even if you were hosting your party in your garage, it doesn’t have to mean your party will lack pizzaz.  An ugly background is nothing a little draping of fabric can’t fix!  That’s where buying bulk fabric on Amazon.com at more affordable prices than your local fabric store comes in handy!  But that’s not the only cost-saving trick up my sleeve… nope.  My point?  Don’t be afraid to dream big!  Write down your dream concept, then find ways of making it happen within your budget.

Sites like Blossom Furnishings [specializes in manufacturing wedding or event chairs and tables] provide lots of information by means of which you can educate yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at selecting the perfect material to tie on your gold Chiavaris (though I personally think the Iron Chameleon is a perfectly elegant substitute to the typical Gold Chiavari), matching them with appropriate tables, and even sorting out the finer details such as the chair cushions, table cloths, and runners, LED bars, the elegant star tent (or something more weather appropriate), stage, dance floor.

The beauty of it is, all these items (and more) are available on Blossom Furnishings website (and if they do not carry the wedding or event items you are looking for, they will source it), so you do not have to physically go shop for such items.  And as much as they may mention a specific minimum order quantity for items, they are flexible and therefore willing to accommodate special requests as best as possible.  Bear in mind too that you can possibly negotiate to get additional bulk discounts if purchasing multiple types of items from manufacturers (as if the savings of buying directly from the source wasn’t significant enough!).


Then there is Alibaba for bulk buying, or amazon if doing small orders, for all your realistic artificial flowers/greenery, metallic or transparent confetti balloons (a classy balloon arch, or the elegant table balloon holder stand – preferably clear), high-quality fashion jewelry, and all the other fandangles.

Photography & DJ

Of course, every memorable event needs to be captured and placed in a time bottle… actually, scratch that.  These happy, fun, beautiful moments deserve to be seen, not buried!  So call up a few friends to see who wants to be the official photographer for the night (and save some funds on photographer’s fees) cause with the place looking fab, it won’t be hard for your friends to seem like they’re professional photographers! Anyway, with all the other savings you’ve been cashing in on, I’m sure you can find great photographers who are willing to create a special package deal within your budget.

As for the DJ, you could simply make a playlist and ask a friend to supervise that aspect, as you’ll be busy looking at your spouse all google-eyed.  Or, depending on what’s left of your budget after all the major pieces of the puzzle are factored in, you may hire a professional DJ.


You can plan a fabulously stunning Anniversary, or Epic Date Night during the pandemic without breaking your almost non-existent budget! Just start with the things that will make the biggest chunk of the budget, then see what’s left for the smaller details.  Even if it is on grandma’s porch, some fabric nicely draped around the area and some potted flowers or greenery will transform the area into Cinderella’s Ball venue.  So, no matter your unique style, dream big during the pandemic…, because there are ways to make your dreams your reality with an Epic Date Night or a Pandemic-Versary Splash!

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