Are you on a hunt for a best suitable bath tap for your bathroom? But confused from where to begin? Well, it’s quite a difficult question because there are varied types of bath taps that can be fixed in the bathroom.

And if you think that picking up a bath tap can be an easy task, well it may not! Taking from kitchen, basin, and laundry to bathroom and vanity taps, it ranges to varied options. And every tap has different sizes and structure to consider. Hence, it all boils down to selecting a right tap and mixer that can fulfil your bathroom needs.

Here is a guide on types of bath taps you can choose for your bathroom:

  1. Wall Mounted Bath Tap

 Wall Mounted Bath Taps
As the name says, the taps are mounted to the walls and hang over the basin or the bathtub. If you truly wish to create a stylish and space-saving look of your bathroom, wall mount bath tap is a great way to achieve. Yes, agreed it is one of the traditional concepts of bath taps but, wall mounted bath taps are available in a more stylish and modern look these days.

It has the aesthetics and its modern design makes it relevant to fixed in the bathroom. Wall mounted bath taps don’t consume much of space and are also available in varied styles and sizes.

  1. Pillar Taps

 Pillar Bath Taps
Yes,s one of the most traditional styled bath taps suitable for the bathtub as well as basin. They are also known as the pair of taps that works in drawing water from both the cold and hot water pipes. The pillar taps flow hot water from one and cold water from the other. There is only a drawback that you cannot detect or control the temperature of the water coming from the bath taps.

As these types of taps are outdated, people no more opt for installing them in the bathroom. But the bathroom with traditional and retro feel, still prefer fixing pillar taps as their choice!

  1. Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Bath Shower Mixer Taps
If you’reing space in your bathroom and wish to have a shower installed, bath shower mixer taps can be great to go with. It gives you an additional shower head. With the help of a diverter, you can easily switch from regular taps to shower handset. This type of bath taps is great because you can easily wash your hair while having the bath and even bathing your children becomes easier with it.

In fact, it works as a great alternative. You may ask for what? Well, you can use it as a cost-effective option to a separate shower in your bathroom. You can either mount it on the walls or on the bathtub itself, your wish!

  1. Bath Mixer Tap

 Bath Mixer Taps 
Why install two different bathroom taps for cold and hot water, if you can get it from one? Yes, instead of having two pillar taps in your bathroom, bathroom mixer tap is a great deal to invest in. These types of taps draw hot and cold water from two different pipes and flow the water from one central faucet.

In fact, it is one of the most preferred choices because you need not regulate the water temperature. It has the ability to control the water temperature through on single faucet that works efficiently to reduce the risk of scalding. These types of bathroom taps are more prevalent in the homes with children.


  1. Freestanding Bath Tap

 Freestanding Bath Tap
Well, you may have heard about freestanding taps, right?  Nowadays, freestanding bath taps have become a complement to bathroom. This type of bath tap has its unique look that creates a stunning focal point of its own. If you wish to get a stunningly looked and portable faucet in your bathroom, freestanding bath tap is the right choice.

It has a modern looked faucet that extends to the bathtub. Freestanding bath tap is simple in look that offers additional shower handset. It is also a single levered faucet that controls the water temperature. This type of bath tab reduces the risk of scalding.