business-card-198888_640There are certain jobs you just have to get born for. One of them is sales. But, even if you are naturally gifted for sales you won’t achieve much unless you get proper training and learn some of the oldest tricks for a successful business in sales.

Thing is none of us enjoys rejection and being hung up on. Sometimes it’s about us, other times about our impatient customers. But if you’ve watched Wolf from Wall street then you are well aware that “No” is not an answer. Like most people in sales, you yourself are probably struggling with overcoming this barer. Luckily, we’ve gathered up all the best advice you may get in the field and we’re listing them here.

  1. Be as professional as possible

The most common mistake people in this business make is to jump into their telephone presentation without allowing the other party to participate. No one wants to be “attacked” in a conversation. Rather, work on your approach and greeting – they should err on the side of formality.
Instead of starting your conversation with an impersonal “Hello”, start a conversation on a pleasant note, something like “Good morning, Mr Green” or “Good evening, Mrs Green” Everyone else says, “Hello.” Be professional. Be different.

  1. Introduce yourself and your company

” My name is Brian Lawrence with Smith and Sons Company. We’re a local firm that may help you with developing your business and save money.” Nothing too specific at the beginning. Don’t be on the rush to mention your specific product or an advanced/specific service. Wait for the response and then continue or end conversation. If you give everything upfront, you are likely going to encounter a response “That’s great. Thanks, anyway.” and hang up. The point is to keep your potential customer curious as long as possible and recognize when they’re hooked.

  1. Express gratitude

Always be polite and thank your potential client for taking the time out of their busy day to hear you out. Show appreciation by saying “This won’t take long, I won’t keep you away from your day longer than a few seconds.” The person on the other side will be taken aback by your politeness and it’s probable they will further want to hear you out.

  1. Be clear on the purpose of your call

The best approach is to start with a question: “Would you be interested to know more about what we’re offering if we told you we know a way to improve the quality of your product at a lower cost,?” It’s a great chance you’ll get a “Yes” out of this potential client.

  1. Schedule a meeting

Once your potential customer has said Yes, ask to arrange a meeting. You can either teleconference or meet in person in order to get the information you need and give a solid presentation. It’s perfectly fine if your customer gets so interested that he wants to do it right then and there.

  1. If a face-to-face meeting is not an option, use the alternate-of-choice questioning strategy

The best subtle way to squeeze in a meeting with your potential customer is to ask politely about two times when it would be good to meet. For instance, say , “Mr. Peterson, I can pop by your office at 1:30 p.m. today to discuss this further.” or “When can we meet?”

A great tip to remember is that asking for an off-hour gets you noticed. It sends a message that you are hard-working, respectful and punctual. Try it.

  1. Have quality information up your sleeve

Nobody wants to talk to a person who is half informed on the things they are talking about. When offering a product or service you need to be 100% sure what you are talking about. Have only good information for your clients and deliver them properly and professionally.

  1. Follow up

Always be respectful of your clients’ time. A few days before the meeting, make it your priority to send a letter of confirmation/reminder immediately. Keep it short and upbeat.

Hopefully, we have managed to help you with these tips. If there is anything else you yourself have tried and perceived as a good method in sales, share it with us!