Most men think of a suit as something that simply consists of a jacket and trousers made from the same fabric, sporting the same cut. Unfortunately, this definition does not give justice to men’s suits. They are more dynamic than they seem, as they come in different types and styles. They also change with the trends and can be modified to suit their wearer’s personality and preferences.

Suits are not as easy on the pocket as other types of garments for men. However, that’s perfectly fine, as they can quickly make anybody look like a million dollars.

Men on a tight budget but would like to look sharp on various occasions need not get their hands on several pairs. According to experts, it is usually enough for men to have at least three suits in the following colours: black, charcoal, and navy.

However, owning suits in these fundamental colors is not enough. It is also important to consider the different types and styles available which, quite frankly, not a lot of men have an idea about. Knowing the basics can help eliminate the guesswork, thereby keeping men from second-guessing their confidence level and style.

Lapel Styles

The folded flaps of cloth situated on the front of a jacket, just below the collar, are referred to as lapels. They are available in various styles:

  • This is the most common type of lapel. Experts say that men with no idea which lapel style will look good for the venue may go for a notch lapel.
  • It is characterized by top lapel edges that face upward and at sharp angles, too. It exudes a casual vibe, although it is never short on sophistication.
  • If the event calls for a strictly formal look, the shawl lapel, which has a smooth and uninterrupted look, is the one to go for.


Single-Breasted vs. Double-Breasted

It is said that single-breasted suits are worn by up to 99% of men to work daily. To spot one, counting the buttons along the jacket’s seam is the key: one to three buttons are sewn onto it, although two buttons are common.

A double-breasted suit has four to eight buttons. The presence of additional buttons is for aesthetic purposes, particularly to create a wider-looking frame.

Different Suit Fits

There is no point in wearing stylish men’s suits if they do not fit their wearers properly. Suits are available in an assortment of fits, each one complementing different personalities, sense of styles, and body types. Here are three fits to choose from:

  • As the name says, this type of fit is timeless. Most men go for the classic fit because it is comfortable and breathable, and it is great for the office from Monday to Friday and perfect for an assortment of casual events over the weekend.
  • What’s really nice about the modern fit is that it has a tighter fit than a classic fit but still lets the body breathe. Because of this, it allows men to look great on any occasion, from laid-back to dressy.
  • Men who would like to look sharp during casual events may find the slim fit perfect for the job. Narrow at the chest and waist, it creates the illusion of height and slenderness, too. Despite the name, it can go well with various body types.

With the right choice, men can feel and look confident!