Today, in-house receptions are considered as a primitive style of marriage celebrations. Almost everyone is opting for destination weddings to make their special day a fabulous one. And you surely don’t want to be left behind in following this trend. But planning a destination wedding is far more difficult than the in-house ones. You are actually taking all your guests (and even valuables) to an entirely new place that may even be in a foreign country. That is why keeping everything up to date remains so vital.

Don’t forget any of these things while planning your destination wedding! 

We know you are super busy managing a destination wedding right now! That is why we aren’t wasting much of your time. But you need to ensure that everything is perfectly taken care of. So, quickly read the list given below and keep ticking everything that’s been done till now:

  • Chose and booked an exciting venue? — Whether it’s a beach wedding or one in a famous fort, have you booked the venue? If not, do it the first thing.
  • Talked with the decorators – You just can’t land on a place and start saying your vows! The place has to be welcoming and look fabulous for your wedding. Hire the best party suppliers and talk to them to set the chairs, tables, marquees, flowers crockery, etc. for the wedding. The venue should look grand and enticing!
  • Talked to the caterers? — You obviously wouldn’t have missed this! A wedding function without food isn’t possible. Ensure to go over the menu once again and instruct the caterers to send their best chef and staff to serve the guests properly.
  • Arranged for the water supply? — It isn’t necessary that your venue may have water convenience arranged for you as well. And even if it is included, do you know if it’s pure and fresh and worth serving your guests? If not, then their health is at risk! So, better don’t take chances and get water supply in Melbourne from Water 2Go. They’ll supply fresh water to the venue on time and ensure that your guests get the cleanest supply of potable water.
  • Arranged for the security? — Never ignore the importance of security in any big event! You definitely don’t want any dampener in such a nicely planned wedding.
  • Passed on the invitations? — Now when everything at the venue is arranged, have you passed on the invitation to everyone in the list? If not, go through the names and send out the cards right now!
  • Booked the hotels for the guests — The guests will require comfortable stay in a nice hotel! Ensure to check with the hotel manager once again about the number of guests and confirm the arrival and the departure dates.
  • Called the photographers and the DJ- With so much happening, you surely can’t miss booking a good wedding photographer to capture the beautiful and candid moments in such a fantastic location. And a grand wedding without music and dance is not possible. So, call and check with the services and confirm their presence at the venue on time.

So, ticked them all? Oh, don’t forget to carry your dress and ring – and book your make-up artist, hairstylist and also vehicles for to and fro travels. Phew! You are finally ready!