Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. They are also exposed to different influences, some of which have a positive effect on lips, and some leave them cracked and hurt. The problem with lips is that they often get irritated and damaged, in many different ways. The most common damage-causing agent is the wind. When the weather is windy, lips become very dry and only a small tension or a smile is enough to make a lip burst. Apart from the weather, lips can also become irritated due to a reaction to different types of food.
The feeling of hurt lips is a very uncomfortable feeling. It is annoying and makes you become very nervous and irritated. The problem is even more difficult if your lips are ruined and you want to kiss someone. Here are some tricks for putting your lips back in god shape.

Perfect Lips

Regular cosmetic treatment

Ready-made balms

By a regular cosmetic treatment we mean taking care of your lips every day, mostly through the process of applying various healing agents on them. A must-have of every woman’s purse and men’s pocket is a lip balm. This necessity becomes even more evident during windy seasons. Also, only carrying the balm with you without using it in a regular basis is pointless. You should start treating your lips with the lip balm as soon as you start feeling even the slightest impression of dryness on your lips. The balm should be used as much as possible at the very beginning of the process, to prevent further, more difficult damage.

House-manufactured remedies

Every woman has many multi-purposeful ingredients in the kitchen. Lips can be healed and nurtured with many of them, as well. First of all, you can apply honey on your lips, especially directly onto and into the cracks. Among dozens of other health-enhancing features, it can also enrich and rejuvenate your lips. It will give them a refined and attractive pink nuance. Apart from that, honey will add to the softness of your lips.
In addition to honey, you can also use different sorts of berries for home remedies. The first among equal are raspberries and strawberries. One such recipe includes a hundred grams of raspberries, a tablespoon of honey and Aloe vera juice. All the ingredients should be mixed to get smooth pasta, which is then applied onto the lips. Instead of honey (or in addition to it), you can pour a tablespoon or two of olive oil, as well.

Medical assistance

Thanks to the sophisticated development of medicine, many cures and medical aides have become more affordable. So if you think that these natural ways of treating your lips are either too slow or weak, you can go for lip augmentation. In this process a plastic surgeon injects a certain chemical into your lips, increasing their volume and improving their shape. If the surgeon is a skillful one, this surgery can make your lips look really fantastic and incredibly attractive. However, many doctors do not do their job in a perfect way. In order to avoid bee-sting-like lips, always visit several clinics and surgeons, to make the best out of such a decision.

Day-to-day natural care will give your lips shiny look and they will glow in their rose-pink color. On the other hand, if you opt for a medical surgery, be very careful and find the best option for your lips.