Horoscopes in the Philippines or wherever have always been subject to a lot of skepticism. After all, the future is not set on stone and you certainly cannot rely on planetary and star movements to dictate your fate. While that much is true, it is also undeniable that they are so much fun to read. It gives you a fresh perspective in life and allows you to look forward to things that may or may not happen.

If you have ever wondered what the rest of the year will look like for you, you only need to take a gander at your horoscope and you will be given brief insights as to how your life, health and career would progress. More importantly, it would give you a look as to how your love life might shift this year. Are you presently in a relationship? Looking to tie the knot? Have you wished for that fairytale romance?

All that and more can be answered by taking a glimpse at what the stars has in store for the romantic aspect in your life. Take a look down below and see what 2018’s prospect in romance has in store for you:


If you have been experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction in your relationships, all you would need to do is to put the work in and you will experience a nice shift in your love life. Sure, the previous year might have left you giving more than taking but expect to make emotional adjustments to be made this year. If all goes well, you might even expect a marriage proposal towards the end of the year.


2018 is a big year for romance when it comes to Taurean individuals. A proposal might even be on the horizon; however, if you are not quite ready to tie the knot yet, you would still experience a lot of highs with your partner this year. It is a big year for commitment, love and intimacy for Taurus so expect to be closer to your partners.


Gemini values work over play in 2018. If you are currently in a relationship, this setup might hurt it however, it is also possible that you would meet your new love through your job.


2018 will finally grant Cancers some good news. If the previous year was a whirlwind for you, you can expect things to finally set down for you in the romance aspect this year. Understandably, Cancers would want to feel the security of a committed relationship this year and they will get that in abundance.


Leo’s 2018 will be more about improving themselves than anything else. However, in bettering themselves, they might unexpectedly meet some love connections along the way. Best to keep your eyes peeled for those romantic prospects, Leo!


2018 brings Virgo to new places. In this regard, they may potentially meet someone from a foreign culture or from out of town. A romance is likely to develop if they visit their childhood home and reconnect with a friend from their past.


If the previous year has left you feeling like you are stuck in a rut, there is a likely chance you will see better results if you shook things up a bit. This is especially true if you wish to see different results, Libra. Take drastic actions such as moving into a new area in 2018 and put some fresh air back into your love life once more. An extended trip out of town might just be the answer to meeting someone new.


2018 is a great year for love when it comes to Scorpios. They have several avenues for sharing the love and passion this year and if they are selective, they can truly attract the right partner.


Before improving the love aspect in their lives, Sagittarius would need to focus on themselves first. Pamper yourself and explore places that bring you serenity and peace of mind. You will never know who you might bump into.


Capricorns in relationships will deepen and strengthen their bonds with their current partners. While Capricorns are typically more focused on work and business, this is an excellent year for them to focus on love and deepen their unions.


Aquarian individuals manifest a strong desire to put themselves out there in 2018. While progress in your career might be a good thing, do not let it cloud your longing for a relationship. Keep your eyes open for romantic prospects in the workplace.


This year there is plenty of love to go around for Pisces. So, be sure to spread that love far . No need to settle down just to experience love. As long as you love yourself and others, you already have enough of it.