Starting any new diet plan is a challenge. New eating habits take some adjusting and time to do this. One healthy eating plan is the vegan diet.


Step 1: Strategy

The hardest, yet most important, start to any weight loss plan is recognizing your unhealthy habits and breaking them. The will to follow through with their destruction has to be strong. Don’t set yourself up for failure by placing unrealistic goals for yourself. Remember that it’s ok to abolish a few bad habits at a time.


Switching to a vegan diet can help with those eliminations by opening up an entirely new world of food. If your downfall is sweets there are plenty of delicious recipes utilizing fresh fruits with almond milk or nut butter for a satisfyingly tasty treat. If junk food is your vice, try some grilled or roasted veggies, like sweet potatoes, with a dipping sauce created from dark green vegetables and vegan cheese. Be wary of consuming too much agave or even fruits with high sugar contents. Too much sugar will still hinder your weight loss, even if they come from healthier sources.


Step 2: Protein

Ensuring that you meet your protein needs is essential for any person wanting to live healthier. The entire functionality of your body requires and demands protein to do it properly. Many people assume that the only way to acquire protein (or at least the proper amounts) is through animals or their by-products. This is not the case.


Many plants have protein to contribute to your daily values. Anything dark green will be one of your best bets. Many people make the mistake of relying on soybeans solely for their protein. Too much soy can cause other health issues, so learn about the variety of options available to you. Most tree nuts also pack a great protein punch. Beans and lentils are fantastic meat substitutions, and, coupled with grains like brown rice, you’ll fulfill your required amounts of protein easily. One grain to always have in your cupboard is quinoa. This little, disk-like grain is a complete protein all on its own.


Another good substitute for animal products are protein shakes and powders. To stick to the vegan diet you must use a protein powder that does not contain whey or casein, as they are derived from milk. Be astute and check for any egg products in the powders as well. The best protein powder will have a high enough protein content while not claiming too much of your caloric budget, and will supply a chunk of fiber to help keep your system clean and your belly full. Hemp protein powder meets all of these requirements, as do proteins made from rice, peas, etc.


Step 3: Get Moving

The third part in a successful weight loss plan is plenty of physical activity. Create an exercise plan that fits your required amount of daily activity and will help you reach your weight loss goals. Try to stick to an activity that you enjoy as most people don’t stick to an exercise regimen that they find boring or grueling. Exercise can be anything from hiking to swimming to rollerblading to fencing. As long as it will keep you active! Resistance training should also be incorporated as muscle building burns more calories plus it will help with your bone density, posture, quite a number of benefits come from weight lifting. Get a friend involved to keep each other motivated during the rough patches. Also, remember to always stay hydrated!


In following these three basic steps, the healthier version of yourself will be just down the road. A vegan diet has many benefits and there are a multitude of foods and products to help you make the transition.