Flowers are the best and most preferred way to make a girl or a woman happy. They are said to be “a woman’s best friend”. A flower can say a lot about a guy’s feelings and intention towards a woman.

There are so many flowers in the world and hence there is always confusion when you have to decide one to give to the special woman in your life. You can always ask her for her favorite flowers, but that would spoil the point of surprise. In this article, we will help guys to figure out which color flowers should be given to a woman.

If you are in a long term relationship –

Red rose is said to be the “lover’s rose”. Red color roses are very passionate and the best way to express your love to your partner. Besides being classic and elegant, they are also very sexy and alluring. A red rose bouquet is very stunning and romantic way to express your love.
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If you have tried giving red roses to your partner in the past, you can try a little variation this time. You can either stick to the roses or try a little different color like orange, or else you can try different red flowers like tulips.

If you are not a couple, but you really like her –

Purple lilacs and purple roses are said to be a symbol of “love at first sight”. If you really like her and you do not have the courage to say it out directly, purple roses are the best way to express your feelings. You can also make a mixed bouquet of some red and purple roses. This way, you express your liking towards her without overdoing it.

For a female friend or for a first date –

For friends and colleagues, yellow roses are your best choice. Yellow rose represents warmth and fun while you are in their company. It is a healthy way to be friendly and send a message of cheerfulness and joy. Yellow tulips and roses make a very beautiful bouquet. You can either gift it to your friends or colleagues in your work.

Yellow flowers are also very suitable for first dates. After you ask her out on a date, you do not want to come on too strongly. Yellow roses are subtle yet a very good and happy gesture.

For your female relatives –

Like every other women in your life, your relatives and your mother also like flowers. You can place order with any of the flower delivery Santa Monica services for your mother on her birthday and make her happy. Pink carnations are your best choice as they are a symbol of maternal love. Flowers make any women happy. You can simply get a bouquet of pink roses or add some yellow roses to give a different look. Either way it is the best way to make a woman happy.

Flowers can say a lot about your feelings. Just be careful about the colors you choose for your special lady, and then you are good to go.