Society has become increasingly aware of environmental issues in recent years. As a result, businesses across the globe have been searching for ways to reduce their footprint. If you are running a company of any size, making these changes should be top of your agenda.

While many companies have visions of a greener operation, many don’t know where to start. However, there are a variety of useful improvements that can be made. Many of them can actively help the company’s efficiency as well as its impact on the environment.


Follow these steps below, and your operation will soon be running in a far more eco-friendly manner.

Improve The Work Environment

The business premises are a location where you can make a vast difference to your operation. For many companies, the most obvious upgrade is to install items like solar roof panels. However, there are plenty of alternative options that can make an equally large difference.

Commercial dehumidifiers can make a vast impact on the building, and can protect your staff as well as the environment. Switching to biodegradable cleaning products can bring benefits for the business and the people within it.

Even small gestures like energy-efficient toilets can make a huge impact. Combine these ideas, and the work environment will soon be a far more eco-friendly location.

Use Modern Technology

The internet has changed business in many ways, but our relationship with customers is one of the most obvious. Nowadays, it’s possible to reach a global audience within a matter of seconds through social media campaigns. Better still, they are cheaper and cause less damage to the planet too. After all, you won’t be wasting ink and paper.


These ideas also extend to customer care. It’s important to show your clients that you value their custom. But this is also a great chance to showcase your commitment to the environment. Holiday ecards for business are a great alternative to traditional greetings. You’ll still achieve the desired impact. Moreover, customers will acknowledge and appreciate your bid to help the environment.

Away from the customer, you should also look to embrace the idea of going paperless in the office. Not only will it aid your quest for greener living, but it can also boost organisation and productivity too.

Switch To Hybrid Cars

If the company provides a company car scheme, then changing to hybrid vehicles could be the greatest single change you’ll ever make.

Big companies could have dozens or even hundreds of cars on the road. The reduction of emissions will soon add up to make a vast difference to the environment. This is something your company can boast with pride. Meanwhile, the fact each driver will have the same type of car shows that there’s no favouritism involved.

Vehicles are one of the biggest dangers to the environment. While they are a necessary product for your employees, you owe it to the planet to make this change. Furthermore, it’s a switch that bring no negative impact on business productivity. Meanwhile, it’s a big gesture that should encourage you to look for other opportunities too.