Immigration law refers to the rules and regulations laid down by the federal government to determine who can enter the country and for what duration. It also governs the laws related to the naturalization process that allows immigrants to attain citizenship. The immigration process can be consuming both physically and mentally. The rules and regulations vary from one place to another and often the unnecessary delays, and red-tapism can complicate the cases. Therefore, it is essential to appoint an immigration lawyer to guide you through the difficult and complex processes of a new country. Let’s have a look at some of the common practice areas of immigration attorneys:

  • Deportation defense: There might be several reasons for the deportation of an immigrant or its family members. The reasons include failure to marry a citizen, perpetration of severe acts of crime such as drug crimes or theft crimes. An attorney can assist its clients with evidence investigation, legal representation and bond hearings.
  • Green cards: A green card allows staying and working in a country as any other permanent resident, and it often lays a smooth path for citizenship. There are multiple ways of qualifying for a green card. It includes obtaining a green card through family members, work, political asylum or the green card ‘lottery.’ Getting a green card can get complicated especially if you have a criminal background or unlawful presence in a country. Immigration attorneys can walk you through the process without any stress or hassle.
  • Naturalization: This refers to the process of acquiring citizenship by a foreign national by adhering to the criteria laid down by the concerned authority. One can qualify for applying for citizenship in certain circumstances such residing in the country for more than five years, marrying a citizen, or your child can be eligible if you are yourself a citizen of the country. In addition to this, there are other criteria to fulfill for qualifying for naturalization.
  • Visas: Immigration attorneys can guide you through the process of obtaining visas. Whether you are a student or a professional employee, whether you need the visa for work purpose of family purpose, whether it is the case of company transfer or marrying couples, experienced attorneys can un-complicate the procedures and achieving the best possible outcomes for the clients.
  • Political asylum: this is for individuals who are escaping persecution in their own countries. One might face persecution due to various reasons such as religion, nationality, race, political opinions, and membership in a particular social group. If you have suffered persecution in the past and fear the same in the future, then you have a substantial case to fight. Persecution can include torture, psychological harm, oppression, imprisonment, and denial of fundamental human rights.
  • Immigration status and criminal charges: If you are an immigrant with serious criminal charges, then you need to tread the legal path with complete care. That is a case of legal complexity and intensity. In some instances, your past criminal records can confront you. However, there are ways to undo some of the damages. An experienced immigration attorney can carefully help you sail through.

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