With the advancement of technology, now everything we have is online. Just with one click. Earlier we use to get up and go ahead for our daily routine like brushing of teeth, getting fresh, etc. But nowadays we cannot stop ourselves from scrolling and checking down the notification. It seems our world is revolving in between networking sites. Be it an adult or a small child, everyone nowadays is using networking sites and are technology friendly. It helps us to connect through the world by sitting at a particular place. People take their whole day by exploring various social platforms. At the party, we concentrate less on foods and don’t even give a glimpse to the guest rather we focus more on taking pictures and posting it on various sites. It is sad but true; these have replaced the humans.

Every certain thing has its pros and cons, so as the discussed topic. The influence of social sites on both the ways have been mentioned below:

Benefits of Social Media

Social media benefits us by some of the other ways like:

         It helps in capturing and gathering information– Social media don’t make us limit ourselves to a particular subject. Be it politics, education or any other constraint all can be captured through these sites. Most of the people hate reading the newspaper and feel news channel to be boring and monotonous but feel good and easily grasp the information when it is a showcase on the social networking platform.

         It helps in showcasing the hidden talent– There are many hidden talents in our country but they don’t get proper opportunity and platform to perform, or they feel shy amongst others. Thanks to our online platform which encourage the students, adults and another age group to showcase their talent at free of cost at just a click.

         It helps in educating the individual– Imagine a student does not get what is taught in the class may be due to some or other factors. Or let say a student doesn’t get interested in the traditional method of teaching, so he/she is not interested in the classroom, but yes, this problem can be solved if the person is tech-friendly and can read and watch the same via online or the internet.

         It helps in communication, sharing media files and documents– Earlier if our relative stays at some other places we communicate via postcard or any other conventional method and the message is delivered after a certain span of time. But in today’s’ era:  It helps in transferring the documents, PDF, videos in a single click, no matter where the person is. This is the beauty of technology and its product.

         Branding and Promotion– Business use every method to promote their product and services, now online marketing is in trends which helps the business to grow and accumulate customers through it. Reviews and opinion about the company along with its product and services are shared on the online forum and is discussed via online

Disadvantages of Social Media

         Limit the persons’ creativity- The online portal or websites limit the creativity of an individual. It does not allow the person to think out of the box. They become fully dependent on the online constraint and stop using their brain.

         Makes a person lethargic and lazy- Now day’s grocery, food, etc. are ordered online, the person or the individual need not to step out of the house for purchasing the same. So, no physical exercises. Students stop going outside and are not attracted to games like Kabaddi or Kho-Kho, because there are plenty of games available online.

         A person can be prone to Insomnia- Scrolling down the sites and waiting for notification all the day may affect our health as well, and we can be prone to health issues like a decrease in our concentration level, obesity, etc. Lack of sleep otherwise known as Insomnia can be a major problem. This may force a person to consume sleeping pills which will again give rise other health issues. At last, we will be surrounded ourselves with a chain of disease. This addiction cannot be ignored but can be controlled.

When we talk about social media Instagram comes to our mind. Social media and Instagram go hand in hand. People wait for followers and like in their Instagram account. This provides us the opportunity to get connected with renowned celebrities and get a good insight into their personal life. VVS likes are one of the platforms. There are constraints where the auto-like option is also available. Instagram, short form Insta can also benefit us in some or other way like-

         Paid Partnership- For promoting their product businessman approach celebrities through Insta because this platform provides authenticity of any celebrity’s profile and entrepreneur get their product promoted.

         Privacy- Instagram is always concerned about our privacy. It is who we have all rights who should follow us and whom should we follow. It does not share your personal data or save personal data. The pictures or the videos shared can be hidden from the person whom you want to. Here, your profile picture cannot be saved by some other. It helps you to get connected to the world of your interest.

The list is never-ending, and the advantages are getting updated day by day. According to the source people are user-friendly with respect to Instagram. Most of the time it is seen while traveling in a bus or public transport people pass their time scrolling feed on Instagram.


Evolution of social media constraint like Instagram is fascinating. It can be as good as Ayurvedic and can be as good as a drug. The usage depends on us. No one knows you better than yourself. Everything sounds to be perfect and exciting, but there are certain drawbacks to each and everything. Make sure your mind, talent and most importantly your time are being properly utilized and share some limited information on social media and Instagram.