When talking about senior housing, there are a couple of different options that may arise when looking at housing that is specifically for seniors. The first example is housing that is open for 55 or older. This means that at least 80% of the household is 55 or older. Then there is 62 or older, where everyone who is living in the house is 62 or older, with no exceptions. Senior housing is not to be confused with assisted living, which is where you live in a place that caters to help those we are ill or getting up in age to where they need daily assistance.

If senior housing seems like an option for you, based on your age or income, then keep reading to find out if you qualify for senior housing and how you can get into the perfect senior housing situation for yourself and those you may live with.

If you are looking for senior housing because you are aging and looking to live around others in the same age as you, but not looking for an assisted living then an apartment complex or other housing that is strictly 62 and older may be the option for you. You will need to have proof of income and age to be able to qualify for this housing. That is because, with 62 or older housing, it is strictly meant for those in that age bracket. Legally apartment complexes and other housing communities may turn away those with kids or an adult living with a senior to keep the housing only for those that are 62 or older.

However, if you are over 55 and have other family members living with you, including children, you may want to opt for the senior housing that is for 55 and older. 55 community retirement in central Florida is an option that would work for you because of your age and location. This housing also allows you, the person 55 or older occupy 80% of the housing and then the adult child or grandchildren or any other persons who live with you that is not 55 or older may still reside in the area. To qualify you will need to have proof of income, proof of your age for yourself.

If you are more concerned with the senior housing because of your limited income then you also have some options. There are places that will work with you on your income if you are of a certain age and only receive SSI. There are housing communities that are eligible for certain grants and governments funding that have more options to work with you regarding your limit income. To qualify for these types of housing communities you will need to be within a certain age and income bracket within your social security that you receive monthly. These types of grants and government funding are there to assist those that have a limited income and resources to be able to provide housing for those that are older and need a little bit of assistance.

In conclusion, there is plenty of options for housing if you are at least 55 years or older and looking for something to suit your age and situation. Assisted living is no longer the only option, there is more out there for those aging and wanting to have their freedom and autonomy. If you are 55 a community for retirement in Central Florida with these options you have a lot to choose from and plenty of options that will suit whatever type of living situation you are looking for.