If you are planning to secure climate-sensitive items in a storage unit, make sure that you avoid renting a regular one for them. Whether you have any idea of it or not, but climate-sensitive items require more care. Therefore, you have to rent a climate-controlled storage unit for them. If you neglect its significance and end up securing your climate-sensitive items into a regular storage unit, your valuables might start deteriorating after some time.

So make sure that you always rent a climate-controlled unit for climate-sensitive items.

Here are some of the climate-sensitive items that need climate-controlled units.

Wood Furniture

Any furniture piece (table, sofa, sideboard, or bedside table) that is made up of wood requires special care. You can’t expose it to extreme temperatures; otherwise, it will get damaged. So if you are planning to secure wood furniture in a storage unit, make sure that you rent a climate-controlled one.

Besides, you have to treat leather furniture and other types of upholstered furniture pieces in the same way. They are all climate-sensitive.

Paper Documents

Whether you talk about office files or any other paper documents, they are highly climate-sensitive.  So if you want to preserve them safely in a storage unit, make sure that you opt for a climate-controlled one.  And the same applies to books and magazines also.

Musical Instruments

From guitar, harmonica, harp, and violin to piano, drums, and saxophone, all of them are sensitive to temperature, so you need to take care of them like anything. In case you are thinking of putting them into a storage unit for a couple of months, don’t make the mistake of relying on a standard storage unit. Doing so might end up damaging them, especially if you fail to get the time to check your storage unit frequently.

Electronic Items

Whether you talk about a camera, laptop, desktop computer, toaster or printer, you should use only climate-controlled units to secure them. Regardless of how long you want to keep them in a storage unit, it’s always better to go for a climate-controlled one because they maintain a standard temperature throughout the year.

You also require a climate-controlled unit for securing vinyl records, mattresses, and antiques, etc.

Pack Your Belongings Correctly

Apart from renting the right type of storage unit, you should also focus on packing your items effectively if you want to stop them from damaging.

When it comes to packing items for securing them in a storage unit, it’s indispensable to clean them thoroughly. If you keep your unclean belongings in a storage unit, the dirt in them will start damaging them slowly. So make sure that you clean them effectively.

Once you finish cleaning everything, make sure that you use bubble wraps to wrap them properly. Using bubble wrap helps in protecting your belongings both during the transportation process and while shifting the boxes from the vehicle to the unit. While packing the furniture pieces, make sure that you dismantle them accordingly. It will help them fit in the boxes correctly. Besides, it is also imperative for you to use same-size boxes.

It’s not only useful for stacking them properly in your unit but having the same size boxes also plays a considerable role in utilizing the space adequately.

Lastly, you should also focus on hiring your storage unit from a distinguished firm.  Consider things like reputation, experience, cost, and customer service before choosing a self-storage provider. Make sure that you also focus on the storage facility; it should be well-maintained. The facility must have powerful security features such as password-protected gates, properly functioning lights, and a digital surveillance system. You shouldn’t opt for a self-storage facility if any of these features are missing.

To summarise, you should always rent a climate-controlled storage unit from a reputed self-storage provider in case you are thinking of storing climate-sensitive units.