If you own a salon or a spa, it is important for you to ensure that your customers are getting a high class experience. This will ensure that they will keep coming back to your salon every now and then. That is why you should have the best equipment and one of them is the pedicure chairs. You should put it as a priority – choosing the best chairs for your customers. When you are going to shop for the chairs, it may be difficult to choose the one that will be the best for you as it will be determined by your budget and the type of brand and you will find several in the market.

When you get some guidance on what to look for when buying the chair, it will help a lot as you go to shop for them. When planning to go buy your pedicure chair, it is important to do due diligence first. You can go for some window shopping so that you can know the prices of different chairs. It is important to have in mind the features and price of the pedicure chair that you want. Below is how you can choose the best pedicure chairs for your salon: –


It is important to put your customers in mind when you go to buy a pedicure chair. What would they love? What would keep them coming to the salon? What would they appreciate most? Some of the features that pedicure chairs have these days include: –

  • They have a massage that is in build with heat capabilities and it also has a remote.
  • Entertainment such as audio and video.
  • Options to adjust the reclining seat.
  • Options to adjust footrest and head when having a pedicure.
  • Some have leather, cloth, padded seat cushions.
  • Shiatsulogic technology.
  • Paperless technology.
  • Soaking tubs.

The features that the pedicure chair possess may not necessary be very appealing to customers or they will not even notice or not even like them. That is why your first priority should be comfort because as the customers are getting their pedicures done, they will have to sit for a while.If you compromise on the comfort and look at the other fancy features the customers may not appreciate.

Research on the pedicure chairs available

Before you settle on a given brand of pedicure chair, it is important to first experience the chair and determines which is better than the other. You can talk to sales representative who are known to you and cannot lie so that they can tell you the better option. Try and be in your customer’s shoe. You can also visit trade fair, to see and experiment on the different chairs that will be showcased there. Here you may even get discount on the chairs that are being sold and you will end up saving a lot and also getting a better deal. You can also tell the sale representatives to tell you when there are such deals so that you can add if you have bought.

Massage features

This feature is very important to a lot of people this is because when someone is coming to a spa or salon for pedicures they expect to relax as they are getting the services. This is because mostly people get their pedicures done just before big events like weddings, vacations, parties and birthdays. When you get a chair that has the features to offer a massage, it will really be helpful to them as they may even have some tension before the event and they will end up relaxing. Many of the pedicure chairs have the massage features which include vibration and heat option. They also have a remote that the customer can use to regulate the speed levels and intensity of the massage. They will do all this as the pedicures are being done.

Entertainment equipped pedicure chairs

Although it is not very important, a pedicure chair that has options for entertainment can be very good for your customer. There are those that love music and videos and will really enjoy having this option. There can be a traditional TV or music system at the salon, but having this pedicure chair that has an inbuilt entertainment that the customer controls can be a very big plus.


The cost of the pedicure chair is an important aspect that you should considered. There are numerous chairs in the market and all of them come with different price tags. You should go for one that you can afford and this does not mean that you compromise the quality. Do a research and visit different places including online stores and compare the different prices that they have and also look at the brands and their features.

Where to buy pedicure chairs

After you have decided and settled for a particular pedicure chair, it is now time to go shopping. You can do your shopping either online or in the stores. If you are buying in the walk in stores, you will walk in and select the type of pedicure chair that you want and it will depend with the features that you have loved. If you are buying online, it is important to be very careful as you will not see or touch, you will select the brand and type of pedicure chair that you want and they will bring it to your door step.

Choosing the right and best pedicure chair for your salon and spa is a very big step as it will determine the direction of your business. Before you consider the style and luxury, it is important to consider the comfort of the customer as it is all that matter in the end. You will find hundreds of pedicure chairs in the market, but as you are choosing, always keep your customers in mind and you will never go wrong. They will enjoy it and keep coming and maybe even recommend their friends and family.