Are you an owner of a club which has a facility of a golf course for the members? However, as it spread to a vast land area, which will need maintenance with the correct length of green turf. And as it’s lengthy and hard work which will require you to use specially designed turf equipment to make the task easy.Moreover, the most important golf course equipment is a mower.

The mower is a multi-purpose and powerful tool which helps in the mowing of grass at different heights in different areas, and this work has to be done with utmost precision. When you want to buy these, you must look for some important factors as they are pretty expensive and so investing in the wrong one won’t be a great idea.

How to Choose the Right Golf Course Mower?

✔ Work Productivity

A golf course generally has 18 holes which are widespread in an area of about 75 hectares in which half of the area is turf area which has to be taken care off. So, you need a mower which works faster and trims carefully. That’s why to look into engine capacity, cooling techniques and its compatibility with grass lengths of any height.

✔ Compatibility of Blades

Blades and their compatibility is the most important thing to look in a mower. Mowers should be finally made and perfectly fitted, so that it doesn’t root out the turf. So, when you go to buy one do ask for the shop to show you a demo, to see how well the blades cut and trim the grass. You can opt for Toro Golf Course mowers as they have blades made with the decision to make your work fast and to the point.

✔ Expanding Blades

You should always choose a golf course mower which comes with multiple blade attachments. However, the cost of these mowers is slightly higher than other types of models. The Toro golf course mowers and few more brands are providing five blades which give perfect trimming of turfs and help in making your work easier.

✔ Feasible to Use for Longer Hours

You have to mow on the wide-area so you will be required to get a mower which is comfortable and feasible to be operated for long hours. Try and select mowers which come with a cool top canopy, or it should have a rooftop with comfortable seating.

✔ Servicing Available

While purchasing a mower, you should check if they have a nearby servicing station, so that you can get it repaired or get any of the damaged parts replaced quickly. Moreover, when you invest in a costly mower you must check for services given by them.

The Type of Mower Used for Golf Course Green

The golf course mowers are reel mowers and not the usual rotary mower used for your backyard. The reels of reel mower spin and cut the grass finely like sharp scissors cutting a paper. There is setting to cut the greens which have to be adjusted between rear and front rollers. However, if you want your mower to work for you for a long time, then you should regularly sharpen the blade, and other maintenance should also be taken care of to keep it in the best condition.