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Any fashion expert would tell you that it’s always best to have a variety of clothing in your wardrobe to expand your styling options. Solids or monochromatic garments are easy to collect but can get boring. Prints, on the other hand, can add gorgeous interest, newness and definition to your ensembles, and there are tons of prints to consider. Check out our fashion guide on how to choose prints for any occasion.

Pick A Favorite Color(s)

Let’s begin at the foundation. Color plays a huge role in the pieces we buy for our wardrobe. For most of us, if a print fabric doesn’t contain the key shade we favor, then you probably wouldn’t wear it, right? That’s the first step. Select a color or two you would enjoy seeing in a print, and go from there. This can help you narrow down options at a store or online. You will also be more likely to wear those prints if they are in colors that you love or that look good on you.

A Print That Catches Your Eye

Next, consider the type of print you would love to be wearing. For example, would you feel comfy in a small-scale or large-scale print design? Maybe you would prefer a print garment with subdued hues rather than bold, contrasting colors? Take your time, and look around. Find a bold or subtle print that you will be comfortable and confident wearing.

From Florals To Stripes, And More

The wonderful aspect to print fabrics and garments is the mood-creating vibe they deliver. Animal prints are a classic that celebrities gravitate toward, especially when it comes to glamorous leopard print. From Lisa Rinna to Kendall Jenner to Karlie Kloss and Lady Gaga, leopards cast the “purr-fect” meow-wow factor. Animal prints are elegant for dressy affairs, and florals, also, create a romantic mood for many occasions. Stripes, novelty prints such as Jess and Jane tunics and cardigans are more print classics that can go from casual to dressy, and there are a few ways to determine how to wear them.

Print Accessories As An Accent

Sometimes, you may just opt for an outfit that has a print accessory to elevate your look. This is another technique for adding extra glamour to your ensemble without going overboard. A pair of leopard print shoes or a zebra clutch bag can complete your style in a minimal way. Or how about a dotted, chiffon scarf for delicate elegance or a floral vest that brings exciting colors to your outfit? There are so many small print accessories that add oomph and a fresh vibe to your personal style.

Fabric And Structure Factors Matter

Prints can also look elegant for red carpet events and stand out in a sea of solids. Looking back to the Golden Globes in 2003, Kate Hudson strolled along the red carpet in a gorgeous Valentino, and all eyes were on her. The strapless gown featured a stunning paisley print in reds and golds and hit such a boho-chic look. Its silky fabric and train glided across the carpet.

The texture of a garment also will indicate the event your ensemble can be worn to. There are prints made on fabric, or woven or knitted in, for instance. You may prefer a quiet, textural print as opposed to a loud and colorful pattern or vice versa. Is your garment loose and flowing or fitted with a specific shaping? These factors can help you decide what kind of event your print pieces are perfect for.

Prints Here, There And Everywhere

When it comes to the office, style experts recommend finding a balance between striking and suitable. Look for printed pieces in streamlined silhouettes. For off-duty and casual times, you can wear print garments that define ease such as pairing a floral-print dress with boho extras like booties and a bucket bag. For a night out, put on a pair of sophisticated, wide-cut floral pants and a crisp white blouse with high heels. Then, accessorize delicately.

When you work-out, prints are another fab way to uplift the mood and look modernly chic. Tie-dye prints are hot, too, and these printed pieces can be worn separately or together to instantly double your wardrobe options.


Let’s be honest. When you dress in only monochromatic tones all week long, it can get a bit stale, boring and give off a uniform look. Prints are extremely versatile, eye-catching and can add that extra glam to your wardrobe.