image 1Loving your kids is given. You enjoy watching them play and you really think that you should spend as much quality time with them as possible. This is easier said and done, because, somewhere on the way of making our own kids, we have forgotten how to be kids ourselves and have that simple innocent fun. Those ideas and playfulness are still inside you, they just need to be inspired and in that way, you will be able to have some amazing and unforgettable fun with your children. Here are some ideas about how to have a blast and enjoy a day or at least a great afternoon with them, so that both of you are happy and amused.

Treasure Hunt

This will require a little bit more planning from your side. You need to make a map, hide the treasure and leave all the clues to the treasure, but also to make sure that they are not too easy to find and understand. Watch your kid getting all worked up in the role of a treasure hunter as they put all their deduction skills to test.

Start a DIY Project

Depending on your and your kid’s skill and their age, a DIY project can be anything from painting the room wall, making a flock of origami storks to building a new house for Fido. It is important that you plan it together and that your kid has a challenging task in that project that they will not find too easy.


This is a long term commitment, but the results are very rewarding. You should make a little lane for your kid in your garden and you should explain to them how to plant flowers and even vegetables. You can even make a little diary about your gardening activities and make cool photos of your tomatoes as they grow bigger and getting redder.


If you need some more quick and interesting results for the impatient little ones, you may teach them how to cook. Actually, it would be cool to show them how to make dough and how to bake it, designing their own cupcakes, cookies and biscuits. Decorating, expecting them to be done and then sharing them is a really fun and interesting experience for both parents and children.

Make a Fort

You will hardly find a more rewarding and more interesting activity with the least money invested than building a plain old fort. Bring out all the blankets, pillows, quilts and covers that can be used as building blocks and make the meanest, the best and the most amazing fort ever. Having a nap together inside it when it is done is also one very cool part of that day and of that activity.

Make a Play

Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to find a screenplay online that would be interesting for you to act out with them. It may be a simple fairytale or just a couple of lines, but making the stage, making the costumes and performing like that for your spouse, parents or neighbors will be a really exciting times for both of you.

Find a Sport You Both Enjoy

There are so many sports that both of you can enjoy. Just a simple game of catch can be fun if you do it together. However, there are so many outdoor sports and activities that it is really hard to choose the most interesting one. On the other hand, you can just tell your kid about all the games and sports that you can think of and let them tell you what they feel would be the most fun.

Make Your Own Theme Park Day

It is not that hard to make a theme park in your own backyard. You can hire a jumping castle, make popcorn and lemonade, and spend the entire day making banners and decorations for your own special theme park day. Friends invited, of course.

Basically, even cleaning up the wardrobe can be fun if you add some creativity to it and you do it with your kid. Therefore, just include them into your own activities and both of you will soon figure out how to have a blast.