The term ‘Personality’ comes from a Latin word “Persona” which was used by the ancient people to depict many characters. In simple terms, it refers to the overall characteristic features of an individual like mindsets, feelings and attitude.

Sometimes, it seems to us that we humans are all similar as we are all the God’s creature and share the same habitat, but it’s not true. The reason is, each and every individual experiences different situations in his lifetime which makes him a unique person altogether. All of us hold different perspectives of life and we prepare ourselves according to our own peculiar needs.
Personality does matters and thus you should agree that a great personality brings success with it. History also supports this view, as we can see all successful persons from the past could reach that position due to their dynamic personalities.

What makes Personality?

The common notion about personality is that some particular traits like behavior, emotions and thinking combine to make a personality. However, the fact is that a few other components are also there to complete the list.

Consistency in behavior, Psychological and Biological setup affect personality.

So, it is high time to realize that for achieving what we want, we should put attention to acquiring a good and amiable behavior.

Tips which may come handy to attain it:

We would like to share some ideas with you all, especially the youngsters, because for them it is the most crucial stage to develop and grow as a human being. So, try to follow these regularly.

  • Confidence: You should be confident enough because this is the factor which increases your strength as an individual. Sometimes people go through tough times which lets down their confidence but it is very important to regain it as soon as possible because ‘belief in yourself’ is what gives stamina to fight with all the problems of life.
  • Practice: Nothing comes without giving effort.So,try to work on your weaknesses. As the proverb goes, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, it is necessary to work hard to get a like able personality.
  • Communication skills: The modern world needs people who are smart in communicating with others. You need to have clear understanding with them. If you cannot interact properly with them don’t wish to become successful.So, always be prepared and think while you speak.
  • Motivation: This is what matters to everyone while struggling. Watch motivation related programs, read books which shall surely help you in bringing you in the right path.
  • Attire: Pay attention to your dressing sense and ask your peers or well-wishers about their views, if they don’t like it don’t think its up to the mark, then try to improvise it because looking smart is important.
  • Body Language: This is another important factor of an individual.It plays a key role while judging someone in an interview or competition.Body
  •  Positivism: Being positive in thinking and outlook also matters.People don’t like them who are always on the way of pointing to defects and faults and loses their hope.Today the world needs people who are optimistic in nature.
  • Listening capability: One should be a good listener because to be in a person’s good book, he must listen to his words.
  •  Fast learning: Always try to learn from your mistakes and never try to commit that in life.
  • Consistent: Be consistent in your behavior. Try to remain same in all situation.

These few tips may help you in building your personality. So, wish you all the best.