So, are you going out on a date? All confused about how to impress her and earn a second one? Well, there is nothing to worry about, as you can always check out GFAS the Girlfriend Activation System, to spice up your dating life.

Let us start with discussing the tips that can help you leave an everlasting impression on her after your first date…

Get closer

If you really want her to feel comfortable with you, then make sure that you don’t keep any awkward distance from her. Try simple things like sit beside her in the restaurant and not across the table. Even when walking, try to be close to her, especially in a park. Sit close to her in a cab wherein your bodies nearly touch each other. Remember, the more you make her feel physically intimated, the more connected she will feel.

Handy tips

  • Plan a perfect date. Going for a coffee or dinner is like old school now. Try to figure out an activity that can help you guys enjoy the time together.
  • Ask her if she would like to get picked up. However, if she is more comfortable meeting you somewhere it is totally alright.
  • Be gentle and disciplined. Things like opening the door for her or asking her to do things first proves that you are a gentleman. Therefore, try making a nice first impression.
  • Pay. Well, this is quiet obvious since she is your date you have to pay. However, keeping it normal and do it as casually as you can.
  • Give her your jacket if the night is getting cold.
  • If you have planned something adventurous for your first date, make sure she is comfortable and enjoying.
  • Listen to her point of view and never interrupt her. Interrupting her might make her feel you are not supportive, and no girl likes it, so don’t do it.
  • Flirt a little. When I say a little I mean it. Don’t cross any lines or make her feel awkward.
  • Always stay connected to her. Maintaining an eye contact and listening to her with complete interest makes her feel that she is connected to you.
  • Be charming all the time. This is important to make your date enjoyable.
  • Make a list of what to talk and what not. Topics like ex-girlfriends, past dating experiences, religion and politics are totally off the list.
  • Make sure she does all the talking most of the time. Be a good listener, ask her open ended questions and simply let her talk.
  • Do not give more than 4 compliments or else you will sound desperate. Also, do not give less than 4 or she may feel you are not interested.
  • Avoid any sort of kissing. Resist the kissing feeling for a while and wait for the next date. Most girls, whether they agree or not, don’t like kissing on the very first date.
  • If you are interested in going for a second date let her know about that. Say things like “I would like to talk about that next time too” or “I would like to see you again”.

All these little things will make sure you get to date her again and again.