Many times you have seen that while driving during the night time, there is a chance of losing the track. But fluorescent painted bollards as a divider aligned in the center of the road assist you in driving in a perfect direction. Majorly you will see the bollards in front of the commercial spaces or residential buildings. But most importantly, you will find the safety bollards in regulating traffic. The bollards are crafted from steel, which exhibits robustness. The posts are concreted securely on the ground with tapered lock.

Benefits Of Using Safety Bollards: 

Safety Bollards

  • Storefront Safety: 

Opulent malls, stores, and boutiques excelling inexpensive items need extra safety measures. Remember installing the security bollards in front of the store will add significant protection to the place. On top of that, high valued stores nestled just at the threshold of the main roads needs to fortify the front door glasses from automobile collision as well. In addition to that, it also acts as a barrier to vandalisms. That apart, it will remind the vehicle to operate at a controlled speed.

  • Safety To Pedestrians:

As known that pedestrians do need to take extra measures while crossing the roads to avoid unforeseen accidents. However, installing the safety bollards will ensure that no hazards take place in and around. They are placed at the perimeter, which acts as a check between the pedestrians and the automobiles. Moreover, you will see that the use of the safety bollards has gained significance in areas to offer fortification to the parking lots, airport entrances, and the periphery of the school premises.

Key Requisites Of The Safety Bollards: 

  • You might see that the safety bollards are available in both flexible and permanent form. The only difference between the two is that the permanent ones are immovable while the flexible ones are easily moveable. Both have their own utility and so it should be used according to the requirement. Significantly you will see the bollards are in bright, vibrant colors as it makes it easily noticeable during the night or in deemed light.
  • Additionally, it acts as the visual obstruction to reckless drivers who might cause havoc damage to your asset.
  • Other than the safety, the fines finish of the vibrant color, or the casted iron enhances the entire appearance of the road. It makes the road look aesthetically convincing.

Different Kinds Of Safety Bollards:

Safety Bollards

  • Fixed bollard:  The safety bollards that are mostly observed in front of the shopping malls, schools, and other highly restricted areas use the fixed type of security bollards. This is because they are designed to serve heavy-duty purposes, assuring an end to end protection. On top of that, they guarantee convenient fortification against any accidental injury.
  • Temporary bollard: As the name says, these are temporary safety bollards, which mean they are assembled for a shorter period. Mostly you will see these bollards are used to divert the traffic while performing parades or while shows are conducted on the road.
  • Collapsible safety bollard: The areas which are on high alert require the utmost level of protection from extruders at the high-security zones like the marinas, building, etc. These bollards prevent the unwanted entry of the vehicles or collision.

Benefits Of Using Safety Bollards:

  • Reliable to use: They can keep the traffic under control and offers road safety to pedestrians.
  • Inexpensive: It does not require any customary maintenance. You only need to paint it from time to time.
  • Traffic regulation: It guides the traffic to move in the proper direction.

Thus, these give a detailed overview of the safety bollards.