Thanks to the internet, students can access many useful free and paid resources on their own or with the help of medical school consulting experts. For example, you can find a free medical school mock interview and medical school personal statement examples. As a medical school interview is a key step that can make it or break it, you should check every free medical school mock interview you can.

Your first impression in the interview is often your only impression. Therefore, you must be professional and confident. Your medical school interview attire is an important part of your professional looks.

Here Is Your Head-To-Toe Medical School Interview Dress Guide.


Business suits come in a wide range of styles and colors. Pick a classic cut in navy blue, black or grey. Both pant-suits and skirt suits are acceptable. There should be no stickers, tags or pins on the suit. You don’t want loose stitching inside pockets to come out. If you are not wearing a new one, clean and steam your older suit. Don’t skip running the lint roller.


Get a wrinkle-free, nice blouse or oxford shirt. Avoid loud colors or patterns. The shirt should be tucked in.


Belts are necessary for men but not for you. If you want, you can have a nice belt with your suit.


If you have picked a skirt suit, you don’t want your skirt to ride up too high. Your skirt should not be too tight. Always wear pantyhose.


Hem your pants to fit your heels. Iron your pants before wearing them.


A too high heel will make you feel uncomfortable all day. Open toe may look unprofessional. Therefore, go for closed-toe, low heel.


Grab a medium-size purse.


Keep it simple. Wear light concealer or powder. Say no to heavy eyeliner. Even if you want some, pick neutral colors. Pick subtle colors for lip-gloss or lipstick.


Avoid dangling earrings. Go for small stud earrings. You can wear a cross or any other religious symbol. However, the symbol should be understated. A single strand of pearls or small chain necklace is also acceptable. If you are wearing a bracelet, make sure that it does not make any noise. You don’t even need bracelets as you will be wearing long sleeves.


Your hair should be neat. You must keep a brush in your purse. Run the brush through your hair before your medical school interview. Hair should be kept out of your face. You should not touch your hair during the interview.

Medical School Interview Dress Code – Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Choose an outfit that fits perfectly.
  2. Keep your dress wrinkle-free.
  3. Wear a small amount of makeup.
  4. Wear pantyhose.
  5. Wear simple jewelry.


  • Avoid fancy new hairstyle. Go for low bun or ponytail. Don’t wear anything that makes you look trendy.
  • Big logos can be distracting. So, avoid wearing an outfit with big logos. There should be no labels on your dress.
  • Say no to open-toe shoes. Wear closed-toed shoes. If you want to wear a heel, it should be 1-2 inches. You may have to walk a lot. A five-inch heel will cause a lot of problems.
  • Shirt, skirt or whatever you are going to wear should not be too small. If you are going to wear a skirt, practice sitting down at home. When you are sitting, the skirt should be just above the knee.
  • Avoid wearing anything that is too revealing. Say no to anything too low cut. Before you leave for the interview, drop a pen and bend over. Your shirt should not gape open.
  • Don’t be sloppy or messy.

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