Do you want to keep your baby’s surrounding safe? Why not, every parent wants! It is all new parent’s duty to be attentive to their kid’s requirements. But finding out their needful stuff can be something like a headache. To solve your problem, there are an array of items that can be essential for your little one, starting from a changing table, a crib to strollers, prams & pushchairs.

Are you confused between a pushchair, a buggy, stroller & prams? This is because some retailers are making all these terms baffling. They use pushchair and stroller interchangeably. However, there is minor difference between both of them. If you are planning to buy any of the listed items then joolz geo by is the best place to make any purchase. Let’s know more.

  • A pushchair is sturdy in comparison to a stroller. You should be able to recline the seat fully and have it either forward-facing.

  • Pushchairs are usually suitable for both newborns and old babies and can also be folded flat.

  • A stroller is lightweight, thus ideal for older babies.

  • However, a buggy can be a pushchair or a stroller.


Features To Look Out For

Though, pushchairs are the best for younger kids rather than buggies. But all the pushchairs are not suitable for a newborn because some varieties do not have a flat backrest. When looking at pushchairs, you should check whether the backrest can be adjusted.

  • Can I Change The Direction The Pushchair Faces?

While your kid is small, you will probably want him to face you rather than the big wide world. By this way, you can make plenty of eye contact with your cutie one and you can also ensure that he is comfortable & happy.

If you want a pushchair that will last you for a long time then check to see if it has a reversible seat.

  • Does it provide your newborn a smooth & safe ride?

If you want to go for a lightweight pushchair then consider whether it will still give your baby a comfortable ride. This is damn important while your baby is a newborn. An active mom always wants to go off-road with her baby, at that moment, pushchairs can be very helpful for a safer & smoother ride.

  • Is it easy to fold it & use?

You should focus on lifestyle. If you use public transport then think about whether you will be able to get your pushchair on and off a train or a bus easily. If you have a car then check that the pushchair fits into your boot.

This can be important if you are using a travel system. These kind of pushchairs are the bulkiest and can not be folded neatly.

  • Is it easy to move?

If you are still pregnant then it can be hard to get a feel for a pushchair. You can look for a demo. If you have a friend having a baby then ask her if she will go shopping with you and let you try a pushchair with her baby on board.

You should verify the handles whether they are adjustable or not. Try to push the pushchair with a single hand and make sure this will come in handy when you have to receive any phone call or shopping while pushing your baby. This trial will make you more comfortable ahead.

Also, think about where will you use a pushchair. If you will be using while going out then you will need a chair that can move easily through aisles.

Final Thought

If you have still not invested on pushchairs then you should, after knowing how it can handle your baby safely. Consider this guide and buy one feature-full pushchair for your innocent kid. Go Safely!