The entire industry of content writing has come a long since it was introduced in the industry. Penning down feelings and thoughts have progressed considerably from being just on the papers to books and blogs. The entire concept of putting down thoughts used to be confined in the diaries of the writers and seldom got the chance to get out in public. But in today’s world, the entire scenario has changed, and many budding writers are reaching out to the potential readers in the market with their thoughts, kahaniyan, Hindi kahaniya for kids, and writings. Hence, before we carefully research the progress of this industry, let us take a quick look at the history of content writing.

History of content writing

Content writing was always there out in the world, but people never used to consider this art of expressing feelings and thoughts through writing a full-time profession. It was more of a hobby than a career option to maximum people. In the late 1990s, due to the expansion of online services and the digital world, the concept of content writing came into play. It wasn’t restricted to only writing new Hindi kahani for the children.

Instead, the industry started growing from this phase, and today has become one of the most popular career options in the industry. It is no wonder that there are so many writers around us ready to share their thoughts and stories with the entire world.

The commencement of the internet took the market by the late 1990s. As the country developed through the intricate details of websites and the digital platform, many businesses started exploring this sector for expansion across the globe. But as quickly said than done, such approaches came with huge complications and challenges. The companies were able to come up with profitable website designs to attract potential traffic towards the services and the products available in the market.

The digital platform also helped the users to know more about the brands available around them, their products, offers, and services as well. Not only was it fruitful for the trade or the brand, but it was beneficial for the users as well.

But how can one search about their favourite brands and find the relevant results over the internet? This was one of the most challenging questions that the professionals had to face with time. Such a quest gave rise to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search engines enable one to find individual results to their questions within a few minutes or as fast as a few seconds. The search engine made sure to categorise the information found on the digital platform and presented it in front of the ones searching for them.

Such content or information is known as web content, and here came the role of content marketing in the digital world. Such a massive demand for well-organised and credible work led to the final development of content writing services across the globe.  In the case of India, the progress was a little slow but took a due course with the growth of digital marketing here.

Content writing in India

Initially, content writing in India was all about writing bacchon ke liye kahaniyan. But since the development of the website and the digital platform, the industry has seen a massive change over the past few years. Content writing is no more restricted to writing stories only. Instead, some professionals take up content developing courses and marketing skills to formulate strategies about expanding business across the globe.

Writing down feelings and thoughts are interesting and often provide the writer with the satisfaction of conveying his/her stories to the world. But is it only about such stories here? No more as the field has started to bloom with the advancement of the internet and the online marketing field.

People are looking for such professionals who can design layouts and catchy titles to propagate the business using the digital platform to the audience outside. Such requirements have given rise to a whole new concept of content marketing writing skills, which require the writers to understand the marketing needs of a business and pen down the same to reach out to the audience.

Content marketing continues to grow in India

As already stated above, there was a strong emergence of content marketing writing in this country. But what led to the development of such a topic in India? SEO happens to be the driving force behind such growth in this country.

SEO modifies the future of content writing in India

SEO refers to search engine optimisation, which helps in driving quality traffic towards a business or a website. It refers to the tactics used by the marketing professionals to rank their website in the top list of the leading search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Since its introduction in the market, content writing has developed as more like a professional way to market the articles and blogs along with services of trade using the digital platform. SEO articles are more precise and tend to focus on the services, products, and the keywords that might drive the articles and the blogs to the top of the search engines. Such demands have given rise to different career paths like digital creators, content marketing professionals, and many more.

These professionals have to research a lot about specific topics and genres and understand the delicate details of them correctly. By understanding the market and the requirements of the audience along with the technical knowledge, these writers can shape up the perfect content for the audience as well as the business companies in the market.

In India, mostly, the contents are created by freelancers who have in-depth knowledge about specific topics as well as the field of study. Right from writing engrossing romantic kahani to marketing the services of trade, these professional writers are capable of creating appropriate content according to the requirements of their clients. However, the industry is still growing and requires more input and encouragement for proper expansion in India. Such writers need more opportunities to discover and develop specific talents and skills to utilise them according to the demands of the market.