If you are running a small business from a dining table room or home then you might be facing endless problem cause of your business taking over the house. Running a business from the home is like spoiling the home with all documents files and material of your business.

You might think that making your home as an office for your business then it’s not going to happen in that way. The authenticity of the office cannot take place at a home. Your office will take over your place in a very short time. You might lack in the professional looking office.

To tackle this type of situation you might want to switch or rent a new place but where is the big question? The answer to this question is Self-storage units. Yes, you heard right. Many people think that these units are basically for storing material or used as a warehouse.

Here is the list of few businesses that you can do from a unit.


If you want to do business in the selling of products online then you might have a self-storage unit. Online shopping deals with the eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and lot more. All you have to get a storage unit. The self-storage can also be used as a small office where you can perform many activities like taking pictures of merchandise, receiving an order, dispatching orders, a small crew can fit in a unit.

This will make your house less messy and more out of business. These units are built in such a way that allows you to store anything and fits everything in it. If you are wondering to start a new online business then make sure to collect every possible piece of information from the internet.

Content Provider

A place that provides tranquillity, solitude and boosts up the creative ideas of a writer inside of the self-storage unit, a place where peace is there. All you need is an internet connection using Wi-fi or LAN connectivity, electricity, a chair, and a table or a small bed, with a laptop and coffee machine.

All these things are necessary needed you can add up a few things as per your requirement. But this place might seem to you like headquarters with no windows. All units are not the same some of the units provide facilities that are actually built for business purposes.

Their infrastructure is designed in such a way that it gets a warm look of the business office and also provides basic to intermediate features to centers. The multipurpose room makes them apart from other storage facilities. You can sort these types of a unit by searching storage units near me for business purposes. Best results will be displayed.

Fixing skills

People who have special hand skills that need small space to operate from a tiny room to tools. They can easily perform their task from such units without creating a mess. Storing tools and other chemical stuff that is used in hand skill to fix about anything or built anything smell and seem weird in your home.

Switching your business to these units will sort out both issues of space and tools. Here you will be able to get plenty of space for racking up your tools and you can easily work and store your work in the same place.

Second hand or Thrift store

This type of business depends on the facilities of the storage unit. If your unit allows you to open door of your unit daily then you can easily open a second-hand shop or dollar store.

All you need to is putting a hording in the entrance and on your shop with a small map on the hording.


A self-storage can be used in multiple ways but you would have never thought of using as a storing of document storing unit.  If you are an accountant then you must get one. It provides to store all the important documents of your clients under security away from damage.

Photo Studio

A storage unit can be used for the video production and clicking photos just by doing some adjustment and editing the area as per requirement. Establishing proper background and background lighting you can click pictures that won’t be possible to recognize that were taken inside a storage unit.

These were the same small business ideas that can be implemented as per your wish. For further details do Google it.