When it comes to hairbrushes, we don’t always give them the credit they deserve.But the truth is that investing in the correct hairbrushes is just as imperative as investing in the right and genuine hair products.You most likely use hairbrush to brush, untangle,and style your nice, straight, curly, wavy, dry or damaged hair, true? Not only can the correct hairbrush change your appearance, but it can also abridge your styling time and support your hair grow stronger and longer.

Here, in this article we will brush up on your hairbrush knowledge, styling your locks and tips about hairbrushes!

Types of hairbrushes

Bristled Round Brush

round brush
A great multi-tasking brush, this one is impeccable for toting waves and shine to your hair. Use a bristled round brush for effortlessly styled streaks!

Bristled Paddle Brush

These are best for thick and fine hair that is more prone to breakage. The paddle brush bristles massages your scalp without producing frizz or static.

Square Nylon Paddle Brush

A perfect brush for girls blessed with thick, long hair to get knots out of wet hair. Just remember to brush softly!

Round Nylon Paddle Brush

They’re great for any hair type and are generally used for untangling hair. They also add volume to the hair and help with a seamlessly smooth blowout. It is definitely a must-keep for your hair-care collection.

Round Metal Brush

Usually vented, these brushes considerably reduce drying time and are perfect for creating volume and smoothing element.

Some Hair Brush Tips

  • Ensure to choose the right hairbrush as per your hair type and hair texture. A soft bristle is perfect for fine hair and stiff bristles are great for thicker hair. Consult your hairstylist for more guidance.
  • Regularly wash your hairbrushes with little shampoo and warm water. Make sure to dry the bristles naturally.
  • Use a hairbrush with bristles lengthy enough to touch your scalp so that they will help in releasing your hair’s natural oils.
  • Don’t focus on buying the most costly hairbrush. Instead just ensure that the bristles are soft enough.
  • Never ever brush heavy, thick and curly hair; instead use a pick comb.
  • Practice to use a comb as an alternative of a brush to comb wet hair. However, some people suggest not combing your hair when they are too wet as your hair is feebler when they’re wet.
  • Irrespective of the quality of your hairbrush, you must always use heat protection stuffs on your hair before blow-drying.
  • Brush your hair for few minutes daily from scalp to ends and your hair will be getting one of the best conditioning treatments it can get – and it’s all natural. As your own oils are tremendously conditioning, brushing it will give your diminished hair an instant lift of moisture.

Now, that you are aware of which hair brush to select, getting the right hairstyle is easy, and so is finding the right hair accessories like hair brushes.