With the increase in demand, the unlocking options have also increased. If you are unsure about your device being locked or unlocked, just pop out the old SIM and insert the new one. If your device still locked you’ll get an error message as “No SIM card” or “Invalid SIM”. The iPhone 6 does not have an unlock code or any kind of sequence. This means that it is officially unlocked on Apple servers. Even after updating the system the device will stay locked. When unlocking the device it is important to find a proper method that is effective and save your time and money as well.

Here are different types which show us how to unlock an iPhone 6.

There are basically three unlocking types they are:

  1. Software unlocking: Basically this type of unlocking method is considered as a spam. Software unlocking means where you download software to your device which changes the entire internal configuration. This system sounds easy and simple in theory, but the loophole here used by the hackers was closed when Apple 4 was released.
  2. Hardware unlocking: hardware altering can be dangerous as it can damage the device as well as it will void the warranty of the device. It will redirect calls through an alternative path which will definitely allow you to use the SIM well as it will void the warranty of the device. It will redirect calls through an alternative path which will definitely allow you to use the SIM card or other carriers.  Hardware unlocking works about 30%, worst case you pay 1000s of rupees to alter the device and you don’t even get 100% working of the device. This can work but it is not worth risking and destroying your device just to make calls from another provider.
  3. IMEI or network unlocking: The one that actually works is IMEI or network unlocking, this is by far the simplest one than downloading spam software or paying a dodgy guy to play around with your device’s internal working. Every iPhone 6 has a unique identifying code known as IMEI (international mobile equipment identifier) which is present on a database of Apple along with other details about your mobile like memory size, model number, year of manufacturing, and also whether or not it is unlocked. No physical work or downloading any dodgy software, they just click a button then reset your device; this allows you to go any carrier you want. All it requires is to change the status from locked to unlocked, and switch to any carrier you feel like.

It can be done in a hassle, follow the given steps and your device will be unlocked.

  • Finding IMEI number of the device: the unique identification code can be known by

1.dialing *#06#

  1. For new devices, the IMEI is present on the back of the device.
  2. For the non-activated devices, click on the ‘i’ button on the screen and you’ll see the IMEI code.
  • Select our recommended services
  • Click on the Unlock now! Button
  • You will be asked to pay the unlock charges.
  • Provide the email address for any upgrades available to the unlock status in future.