Pigmentation is the natural colouring of skin. The skin is prone to pigmentation disorders which causes certain types of changes in the natural colouring of the skin. Melanin or melanocytes that are produced by the cells in the human body and its deposition are responsible of the colour of the skin.

Several people consult dermatologists or enlist the help of cosmetic experts in order to balance the pigmentation in their skin. The people who undergo pigmentation treatment usually do it for cosmetic reasons. There are other types of terms that concern pigmentation; hyperpigmentation which means too much of pigmentation, under pigmentation or hypopigmentation which means less pigmentation and depigmentation which is the pigment loss.

One of the most common skin conditions is Hyperpigmentation. It cannot be labelled as a disease because it is not caused due to harmful medical conditions unless there is a deep-rooted medical problem that is very rare. Hyperpigmentation can cause patches on part of the skin or the entire body. Liver spots or age spots are very common kind of hyperpigmentation.

Types of Pigmentation Treatment:

There are both natural and medical treatments when it comes to pigmentation treatment. The types of treatment that are chosen depends on the nature of the skin or personal preferences. Some people prefer to choose natural remedies because they wish to stay away from chemical substances.

The different types of natural pigmentation treatments are:

  1. Apple cider vinegar is a remedy that helps in lightering the pigmentation of the skin. Equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar is combined and applied onto the dark patches. After resting it for a few minutes, it is then washed off using lukewarm water. This technique must be repeated twice daily for a desired result.

  2. One of the most common and natural compounds for depigmenting is Aloe Vera contains alone that is very popular for its nontoxic treatment of hyperpigmentation. Dermatologists prescribe this method to people who are looking for a natural treatment. It must be applied before bedtime and washed off the very next morning using warm water. It must be repeated daily until the colour of the skin improves.

  3. Sour milk, butter milk or normal milk helps in lightening the skin discoloration. The presence of lactic acid in this product is responsible for this process. Milk is gently soaked on a cotton ball and then applied on the dark patched twice, daily for a desired result.

  4. The extract of red onion is very commonly found in certain scar and skin lightening creams. The natural dried skin of the red onions can help in lightening the skin very effectively. Using creams that contains this ingredient in them can be very helpful.

  5. Applying green tea extract is a method that is very commonly used in India. It is easily available and helps in the natural process of depigmentation. This is a very common and popular pigmentation treatment in India. The green tea bags are boiled in water for a couple of minutes and then set aside to cool down for a few moments. The tea bag is then rubbed of the dark patches twice daily for desired results.

Other than these, there are other natural pigmentation treatments as well such as; black tea water, liquorice extract, tomato paste, orchid extracts, masoor dal or red lentils, etc.

Dermatologists specialise in treating skin diseases and thus it is important to visit them in order to get a more effective result and pigmentation treatment. There are several clinics and dermatologists but checking their authenticity before making any appointment is very important.