Maintaining a balanced diet, drinking a substantial amount of water, and indulging in a strenuous workout session are three highly effective ways of getting a desirable physique. But, remember, all of them need time. For an optimal outcome within a short period, you must undertake the body contouring procedures available. To know about the popular ones among the lot, please go through the given discussion right now.

  1. Abdominoplasty

Definition Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplastyaims at making your abdomen firmer and thinner. It involves the removal of excess fat from the lower and middle abdomen, and tightening the existing muscular tissues present in the abdominal wall. Patients experiencing sagginess after childbirth or significant weight loss due to some illness usually opt for abdominoplasty.

Benefits Owing to a slim abdomen, you will be able to put on bikinis or any outfit for that matter with utmost confidence. Besides the cosmetic benefits, abdominoplasty can also enhance the physical wellbeing by providing relief from a few medical conditions. To cure stress urinary incontinence, it obstructs the bladder by using a soft tissue extracted out of the pelvic area.

Side-effects Like any surgical procedure, a tummy tuck is known for posing the risk of infection, bleeding, and a serious reaction to anesthesia. The common side-effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising persist for a couple of weeks, after which they subside without any external intervention.

Aftercare Post-abdominoplasty, you must avoid vigorous exercises. By lifting heavy weights or running long distances, you end up rupturing your sutures. You need to wear a binder, which would prevent fluid accumulation, and support the shape of your brand-new abdomen.

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift

DefinitionBrazilian Butt Lift is a specialized procedure that increases the size of the buttocks without implants. Excess fat is extracted out from hips, thighs, arms, chest, back, chin, etc., and a major portion of it is cautiously inserted into the gluteal region. You are considered a good candidate if the skin tone of your butts is smooth.

Benefits Brazilian butt lift acquired widespread recognition probably because it eliminates the fat pockets in other body parts. The cellulite becomes much less noticeable. Butt lift improves the overall proportions of your physique and lets you wear any kind of outfit confidently.

Side-effects Apart from the normal inflammation and pain, scarring is a major side-effect of Brazilian butt lift. Lumps may also develop in the areas from where fat is sucked out or injected in.

Aftercare Do not sit on hard surfaces and spend most of your time sleeping on the side. If you have to sit, make sure to use a cushion. Avoid high impact activities, especially the ones involving lot of bouncing under all circumstances.

  1. Thigh Lift

Definition Thigh lift is a cosmetic treatment that alleviates the amount of skin and adipose tissues on the upper part of the inner thigh so that it looks firm. The surgeon makes a horizontal scar for extracting out whatever excess is inside. People go through thigh lift or thighplasty when their thighs have a flabby, dimpled, or saggy appearance.

Benefits Apart from improving self-confidence to a great extent, thigh lift helps you lose weight and get smoother thighs. Now you can wear short dresses and skirts without worrying much. Thigh lift eliminates the cellulite as well as rashes on the undersurface of the thighs.

Side-effectsBruising is perhaps the most common side-effect that decreases gradually on its own. Swelling, on the other hand, persists for at least six to eight months. Bleeding, fluid accumulation, asymmetry, and complications associated with anesthesia are a few other rare but worth-mentioning reactions.

Aftercare You need to wear a compression garment for thirty days so that your body gets habituated with your new thighs. Walking is essential for blood circulation but make sure not to hit the gym.

The aforementioned procedures allow you to get a toned figure that can captivate everybody’s attention in absolutely no time. Get them done from a board-certified practitioner, who strictly adheres to the internationally recognized safety protocols, and can implement the latest trends efficiently. Carry out a thorough background check before finalizing the appointment.