Arranging an epic stag party should be one of the prominent duties of a best man. Assuming that you have found the destination and planned for some activities, it is high time that you think of some interesting games to keep your friends entertained. Whether you are planning for short drinking games to the pub or games to carry you through the entire weekend, see this guide from Apples and Pears bar to give you some more ideas.

Toy Soldiers

Give a toy soldier to each stag at the beginning of the stag party. As soon as the best man shouts “assume your position,” all members of the group have to copy a similar position as the toy soldier. The last person to assume the position should face a forfeit. The game goes on for the entire duration of the stag do.

Shark Attack

Nominate one person to be the shark spotter. He should randomly shout shark attack, and everyone should drop to the floor. The last person to drop to the floor should have a drink and become the next shark spotter.

Adopt A New Accent

Each member of the group has to speak in a different accent at each bar or pub you visit. If any member forgets the accent or is identified as being fake, he is out.

Finding The Bride

During the weekend, all stags should find a woman who is having the same name as the bride. Anyone who fails will face a penalty.

Movie Quotes

Start a conversation with a group of girls in the bar. Try to drop as many movie quotes as possible during the conversation without them noticing it. The one who drops the most without being caught is the winner. He gets the chance of nominating one of the other members of the group to do a forfeit.


The best man should fill a pint glass with small pieces of paper – writing the name of an animal or famous person in each one of these papers. The group picks one piece of paper at random. Every time the best man asks “Who are You?” the group should adopt the position of their chosen person, object or animal.

Boat Race

The party is separated into two groups, and each member of the group is given a pint of beer. The first member of the teams drinks the beer. The second individual can’t begin until the first person finishes the drink. This should continue until the entire team has finished the drinks. The team that does it first is the winner.

Pub Golf

Why not plan a game of pub golf? You may have already played the game before. If not, here are the basics of the game. Each pub will represent a hole. So all members have to drink in every pub. The number of mouthfuls that you need to finish is your par. Each member will keep a scorecard with his own results. The person with the lowest score is the winner at the end.


Each member of the group will hold a coin in their hands. When the best man says “knickers,” each one will open the hand and reveal heads and tails. Count the number of heads and tails as well as the stags with the highest number of similar faces. These people are safe. You should continue until there is only one player left. That individual is the loser. He has to wear a knicker over his trousers until the group reaches the next bar – where the game stars again.

Left-Hand Drinking

All members of the group should use their left hand to hold the glass. If anyone is seen using the right hand, he much down the drink.

Freeze Frames

A stag can freeze at any stage without announcing it. The idea is to get all members of the group to freeze as soon as they notice it. The last individual to notice should do a forfeit. This is a great game if you want an active stag party.

Now that you have the games sorted out. It is time to have fun!