A carpenter is a skilled worker whose primary job is to cut, shape, and install materials during construction. Traditionally, a carpenter majorly works with wooden items, but today, they often work with other materials as well. Carpenters are usually involved in the construction of various types of buildings, bridges, ships, concrete formwork, cabinets, furniture, and so on. The skill of carpentry can be acquired either by learning on-the-job or by going through an apprenticeship training.

Carpenter Training

If you look at a formal carpenter training, then an individual will start his or her career as an apprentice, moving on to a journeyman, and finally, attain the level of master once he/she has mastered all the skills. Nowadays, one can gain knowledge and sharpen their carpentry skills by attending various seminars, online classes, high-school programs, certificate programs, and other courses. At many places, these kinds of programs are known as pre-apprenticeship programs.

Informally, a person can gain the required skills by working alongside other professional and experienced carpenters. Such individuals usually attain the level of journeyman.

Whether you are a certified and formally trained carpenter or someone who has developed the skill on-the-job, you will need to have a registered license to practice your job.

Materials Used By Carpenters 

Carpenters mostly work with materials such as natural wood, engineered lumber, and other materials. They are responsible for a variety of work which includes putting in doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, roofing, siding, insulation, interior trim, metal framing, wall partitions, office furniture systems, mantels, staircases, drywall, and much more.

Tools Used By Carpenters

Since a carpenter is responsible for a wide range of work, the tools used by them are also quite varied and different. The first and foremost thing which falls under a carpenter’s tools is a tool belt. A tool belt is basically a belt worn by the carpenter and it contains holders, rings, and pouches to hold different kinds of tools. Since a carpenter moves a lot, the tool belt comes in handy to access the required tool immediately.

Tools which are too large or heavy for a tool belt are usually placed in a tool chest or in a vehicle and used as and when required.

Below are some of the common and useful tools used by a carpenter.


  • Hammer – Hammers are one of the most important tools for a carpenter, which is why, they use different kinds of hammers such as framing hammer which is used for structural work, nail set which is used for driving the nail heads below the wood surface, trim hammer used for delicate trim work, and so on.
  • Pry Bar – Carpentry often involves demolishing as well, which requires the use of different types of pry bars such as a crowbar, flat bar or a wonder bar, cat’s paw, and other bars.
  • Tools For Measuring Angles And Distance – No carpentry work can be done without using the correct tools for measuring angles and distance. Speed square, tape measure, framing square, ad combination square is some of the common types of tools which fall under this category.
  • Levels – In order to ensure that a wall or a table is level, carpenters use various tools to measure the level such as torpedo level or a framing level.
  • Tools to Cut – Carpenters either use power tools or manual tools too often cut materials. The tools under this category include snippers, utility knife, chisel, keyhole saw, circular saw, drill, palm sander, jigsaw, and other cutting tools.
  • Tools to Mark – Carpenters often need to mark the angles and measurements. For this purpose, they mostly use a carpenter’s pencil or a chalk line.

Carpenters are highly skilled professionals and it is an extremely important job in the field of construction, remodeling, and furniture-making.