Going to the grandparents’ house should be a fun experience for little ones. However, many grandparents’ homes are not kid-friendly spaces. These are homes that may have been void of children for years, and they may be filled with breakables, antiques and other precious items. Kids may be told to sit still so that nothing is broken. In addition, there may not be any toys or fun features for children to play with. Essentially, going to the grandparents’ house can be dull. If you want to transform your space so that it is an exciting place for your grandchildren to spend their time, focus your attention on your backyard. These are some fun, kid-friendly ideas to make your backyard the ultimate destination for your grandchildren to enjoy.

A Fun Place to Cool Off

Kids of all ages love to go swimming, so installing an inground pool is a great idea. You can also add fun features, like a water slide or a volleyball net, to make this space even more exciting for the kids. If you have younger grandchildren, you can even add a small sprinkler park area near the pool. A pool is a great idea because the entire family can enjoy cooling off together on warm days. Remember that a pool provides the grandparents with a wonderful area to enjoy a low-impact workout when the grandchildren are not visiting. You can easily research inground pool pricing as a first step toward bringing this dream backyard idea to life.

An Adventure Destination

Another excellent idea is to incorporate adventure into your backyard space, and there are many ideas that you can consider. For example, you can install tree stumps of varying sizes in a jagged row to create a lily pad jumping area. A small zip line in the backyard is a unique feature that may add excitement to your grandchildren’s visit to your house. You can even enhance these fun ideas with a moderately-sized rock climbing wall in the corner of your backyard. To make a more natural adventure destination, those who have a larger yard may work with a landscaper to create a wooded natural trail complete with a babbling brook and footbridge, a flower garden, a rope swing or tire swing and other features that they may find as they walk along the trail.

A Home in the Trees

Children love to have a hidden space of their own where adults cannot venture, and the perfect way to create this space in your own home is to give your grandchildren a treehouse. This could have a fort-like appearance, or it may look like a cottage, a spaceship or something else entirely. It could be as large or small as you prefer. This treehouse could be equipped with fun features inside it, and you can also add a climbing rope, a firefighter pole, a slide and other features that make it fun to get down from the treehouse. An alternative to this is to create a kids’ cabin on the ground. This could even be a two-story structure so that you can incorporate some of the fun treehouse features, like a slide, into the design.

You understandably want your backyard to have exceptional comfort and relaxation features that adults can enjoy, but your backyard may also be a fun place for your grandchildren to head to when they are visiting your home. You can easily get them outdoors and having fun in an active way when your backyard has exciting or fun features. Ideally, the features that you select will be well-suited for all ages. After all, grandchildren can grow up quickly, and you may not want to renovate your landscaping design periodically over the years. Consider contacting a few contractors today to get prices for the ideas that are most appealing, and you will be one step closer to giving your grandchildren the ultimate backyard experience.