There are many accidents that happen on the roads of the United Kingdom every year. Most of them involve vehicles hitting each other but there are a percentage of road accidents where pedestrians are injured. For a motorist this is their worst nightmare as the injuries will probably be more serious if not life threatening. This is a story about an accident that happened involving a drunk pedestrian and a vehicle travelling at speed where a seven figure compensation figure was paid out.

Firstly what is the law on a vehicle hitting a pedestrian?

In nearly all circumstances whether the pedestrian is at fault or not the law will side with them. This does sound unfair but the person who is in control of the vehicle is in charge of a potentially deadly weapon and this is how the law looks at it. The driver is in control of a powerful machine and should be more cautious when driving.


This does not mean that the driver will be instantly at fault but it may leave their insurers are liable for any costs that need to be paid out.

The seven figure pay-out

A boy who had been at a party and who was under the legal drinking age had consumed an amount of alcohol that had put him in a severely impaired state of mind. He then proceeded to walk home in the middle of the night on his own. Not knowing where he was going he had stumbled onto a dual carriage way and was walking in the fast lane with his back towards other motorists.

He was hit by a car travelling at 70 mph and suffered life challenging injuries. Although the driver was not at fault the motorist’s insurance company was liable to pay compensation. The pedestrian was seeking brain damage compensation using a no win no fee lawyer. After 3 years in court he was awarded a huge sum that will help convert his home and provide care for him for the rest of his life.

Have you suffered an accident as a pedestrian?

If you have been involved in a car accident that may have involved your fault, but being a pedestrian you may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation you can contact BBK London where they will be able to discuss taking on your case.