Mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives. And imagining life without them is quite impossible, isn’t it? But it is always advisable to not use them recklessly. Indeed cases are of great help to protect the body of mobiles. Especially, when you have popular pieces like Redmi Note 4, Oneplus 5, and others. You can easily find and buy many pretty oneplus 5 cases in the market that can give a safe and stylish protection to the mobile. Even some brands in the market also offer Android mobiles with strong effective screen glasses like Gorilla glass. But extra protection is always recommended when you handle a delicate mobile phone. Apart from these factors, there are many other measures need to be followed to protect the touch screen of Android mobile.

  1. Choose Important Tools

Fingers are mostly used on the screen to operate a mobile phone. But some brands even offer additional tools like stylus and pencils for a smooth accessibility to your mobile device. Make sure you don’t use tools from a specific brand for operating devices from other brands.

  1. Keep Yourself Away from Shock

Avoid placing your Android phone near a device which is conducting electricity being isolated to the ground. Such conditions can result in a sudden stream of electricity between electrical devices produce electrostatic discharges which can cause the failure of your mobile’s touch screen.

  1. A Gentle Touch is Enough

It is very important to not apply pressure on your android touch screen. Being gentle is the key! In any condition, avoid tapping the smartphone or using the screen with any sharp object. Excessive pressure to the screen can damage the display of the phone. Do you want it to happen?

  1. Don’t Let the Screen Inactive for Long

If you are letting your phone be idle for the extended amount of time, you are encouraging burn-in. If you neither deactivate your mobile’s screen nor use it, after some time you can see something unusual afterimage known as screen burn-in. Before it damages the screen, ensure to set lock screen timer in your smartphone. Simple, isn’t it?

  1. Offer a Proper Protection

Secure the screen as well as the body of your smartphone or tablet by using a hard case, screen protector, sleeve, or padded bag. These accessories are very easily available offline or online plus they are cheap. No tension of accidental drops, no scratches, no cracks, all you are going to get is a long life of your gadget.

  1. Sunblock is Necessary

Just like you protect your soft skin from harsh sunlight, the screen of your mobile needs such protection too. Exposure to direct sunlight will damage the LCD display of the smartphone.

  1. Pamper the Display

We often focus on enhancing the outer beauty of our devices and does not give care to their screen which is used the most. You must clean the display regularly with a microfiber cloth to ensure a clean display. Use a moist cloth, or breath on the screen, or use a dampened cloth for wiping the screen. You can even do this using cloth which comes in your sunglasses’ case. Avoid over rubbing the display and let it air dry completely. That’s it! You are good to go.

  1. Give a Scratch Proof Home to the Screen

Pay attention to the place where you are keeping your Android phone. For example, if you are keeping it in your pocket, there should not be any pointed object or coins which can cause scratches on the screen. Such practice saves the phone from getting damaged.

  1. Avoid Accidental Drops

For this, you need to maintain a firm hold on your mobile. A good grip or right way to hold the mobile decreases the chance of it falling down. The way in which you carry the mobile can affect its body. Thus, correct the way and save it from accidental drops.

A huge number of people uses Android mobiles worldwide. Protecting the mobile and its screen is a matter of concern for all of them. Since you invest a good amount of money on a touch screen mobile. Make sure to use these tips for maintaining a strong and clean touch screen for a long time.