Arthritis affects the human joints such as knee joint, hip joint, toe and finger joints among others. I t does not choose the gender or the age hence any one can be affected. This disease is commonly in women as it is stated that they take o a ratio of 6:10 after a certain research by scientists.

The following are the symptoms of arthritis in the knee

1. Swelling/tenderness

Most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis but as a patient, you need to clarify with your doctor before you begin medication. You may notice that after sleep the skin around the knee looks red and is swollen. Do not ignore be more attentive to that knee and if pain persists, it seems there is inflammation seek medical attention.

2. Cracking and popping sounds

This is heard mostly in the elderly as they walk, or make any simple movement. For you to notice this symptom, you can hear the popping sound as you walk or a gliding sensation in your knees. The popping sound and the griding sensation is caused by the reduction of cartilage that allows smooth movement around the joints. There is a great medication known as the oxycollasyn joint pain supplement which helps to reduce the joint pain and gliding. Do not prescribe any supplements since you might take the wrong one always ask for a medical assistance.

3. Deformities in the knee

This occurs at a later stage of arthritis where you start noticing sunken knee while muscles around the knee thin and weaken. You then experience knock –kneed effect or the knee may face outwards creating a bow-legged look. This is not a sign of rickets but an advanced stage of arthritis where your doctor will prescribe noxicare supplements that help ease the situation. This is by repositioning the knee and reducing joint pain.

4. Poor range of motion

The patient notices that making movements is becoming difficult hence especially while climbing stairs. The patient finds it difficult to perform normal duties without strain and also has to make movement using a walking stake. In this, you should take joint pain treatment to allow you have an easy time while performing your duties and also movement.

5. Loss of joint space

Less joint space is shown clearly through x-ray. This is one of the major causes of joint gliding and production of popping sound. The doctor prescriber’s many joint pain supplements that enable reduction of popping sounds and gliding. These supplements also enable the production of cartilage hence giving proper movements of the joints.

6. Buckling and Locking

Locking and bucking are where the knee joint becomes stiff hence you cannot be able to stretch or make instant knee movements as before. The knee also becomes weak and gives way to buckle whereby in this case the doctor prescribes supplement that allow the joints to become flexible and more movable. Noxicare supplements are excellent for the most active joints such as the knee but it is recommended to consult your doctor first before taking any of these supplements.

7. Gradual increase in pain

Arthritis pain increases suddenly but develops slowly as scientists reported. Patients are then advised to take caution in case of any pain that occurs in any joint. This helps to curb arthritis as early as possible hence making it easy to handle. When arthritis takes control of the joint, the patient is able to report a gradual increase in pain at the knee joint, Specialist recommend instant joint pain treatment using very effective painkillers that relief the pain.

8. Gradual muscle pulls around the keel joint

It occurs while one is resting whereby you fill sharp pain run down the muscle.This happens during the cold season whereby the doctor recommends noxicare supplements to be taken in advance.

9. Swollen feet

These are as a result of arthritis of the knee. The feet have a tender feeling accompanied with endless pain. The doctor recommends that the patient should undergo joint pain treatment whereby such symptoms can only be eliminated.

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The above are the major symptoms of arthritis in the knee. Do not ignore any of the above symptoms or any other strange sign you find at your knee joint.