Over the past few years, men’s fashion has begun to seriously rival that of its female counterpart. It’s no longer just womenswear that is innovative, beautiful and causing a stir in the fashion world – menswear is showing a lot of showstopping emerging trends, too

Fashion Week in London, Milan and Paris has been and gone and it had some pretty exciting things to say about menswear. Designers showcased their Spring/Summer 2019 collections, and while this is more aligned with the northern hemisphere’s upcoming warmer seasons, you can guarantee that the trends will breed innovative styles that will determine the Australian fashion market, too.

For some insight into what trends you can expert to burst onto the scene in 2019 (summer, spring, autumn and winter), and how you can incorporate it into your own style, see the below trend report.

Tailoring and elegance

Tailoring is having (another) revival, according to Fashion Week in London, Milan and Paris. Many designers were showcasing beautifully elegant tailored two-pieces, with an added emphasis on double-breasted blazers.

Tailoring is the key to getting clothes to look their absolute best. If a piece of clothing – namely suits – is made to measure, it will elevate your look and flatter you tremendously. And remember, tailoring doesn’t always need to mean “formal”, and you don’t need to have a calendar filled with swanky events such as balls and galas. A tailored suit is perfect for work and also for evening dinner and drinks.

You can hit the tailoring trend by investing in a well-fitting suit jacket and ensuring that it fits properly across the shoulders, and then visit a tailor to get the chest and waist adjusted accordingly. Then, to elevate the look further, add accessories and detailing like pocket squares from Australia. This is also a budget-friendly way to adopt this trend.

Shades of sage

Sage – the grey-green colour resembling sage leaves (though not to be confused with olive-green) – is set to be a popular colour in the coming sartorial calendar. Contrary to initial presumptions, sage-green is actually a very wearable colour, especially when paired with muted and earthy tones like browns and beiges. Pair a sage-green sweatshirt with stone-coloured trousers or jeans and you’ll be on trend. Or, opt for a very stylish sage-coloured jacket and wear it with your favourite blue jeans.

Practical Sandals

Heavy, industrial-looking (aka “practical) sandals, are predicted to make a real mark this year. Though they may be best worn for a hike through the desert, they soon won’t be out of place in your local park or on the beach.

The most statement sandal of the season has nylon straps that cross over the foot. Not pretty, but definitely practical. Pair these heavy-duty sandals with shorts on the beach, or socks if you’re feeling bold.

Leopard Print

Leopard print is no longer reserved for womenswear; the time for men in leopard print is now, so don’t be shy. The good thing is you can give as little as or much to pay homage to this trend. You can sport a little leopard print detailing in the form of a shoe or bag or scarf. Or, you can wear a leopard print jacket and matching trousers. The degree at which you can experiment with leopard print knows no limits.

Suit jacket over a bare chest

Believe it or not, wearing absolutely nothing under a suit jacket is another menswear trend set to make waves this year. It may be more relevant to those who attend red carpet events (aka celebrities and film stars), but if you think you can give it a good go, all power to you.

Short shorts

Thought short shorts were going somewhere? They aren’t’. They’re very much still a strong sartorial statement this year, so it’s about time you get onboard. The Spring/Summer 2019 collections at Fashion Week showcased a lot of bum-skimming shorts in bold patterns and colours. So, it’s time to stop skipping leg day and sun those upper thighs, because short shorts on the beach is where it’s at.


Could 2019 be the year when men start buying handbags? Not manbags, not fanny packs and not “murses”… We’re talking about actual handbags, meant for holding all manner of items (money, headphones, umbrellas, laptop, etc.). Well, if the runway has any say over what will be hitting the shops and thus men up and down the country (it generally does), you might want to look into investing in your first ever handbag.

Now, you don’t have to dive into the deep end with a tote, but a shoulder bag that acts as a more stylish alternative to a rugged backpack is a good gateway. Or, if that’s not your style, why not trial a crossbody bumbag, big enough for your day-to-day essential items?

Bold shirting

Shirts have always been a staple in menswear, and all manner of shirts – styles, colours, cuts, patterns – have paraded down the runway at fashion week. This year, shirts have been given a high-fashion edge. They are bolder, billowing, romantic and wholly magnificent.

If you want to step up your fashion game in 2019, opt for shirts and tunics that are oversized, with long cuffs that hang out of the end of a jacket and funnel-necks.

Clashing patterns

Clashing patterns are another trend to prepare for in 2019. The key to hitting this trend is to think vibrant, bright and bold with a complete abandonment for the “correct” way of pairing colours and patterns. This trend affords you complete free reign over what you wear, and awards you to express immense personal individuality. Think camouflage mixed with stripes; think red paired with leopard print. Anything goes with this trend.


Fashion Week has given us a glimpse into what 2019 is going to look like, and we’re in for a treat. From handbags to short shorts, to tailored double-breasted shirts with billowing sleeves, to leopard print and sage shades, there isn’t really anywhere dressing is off limits this year.

Even if you don’t feel you can dive into these trends head-first, take stock and adopt little nuances where you can. Not only will you be on trend, but you’ll discover more of your personal style.