Productivity and creativity are essential factors when it comes to day-to-day work operations. If you want to receive high-quality output, you should invest in tools that encourage productivity and creativity.

One of the things that you can do is improve how your office looks. You can even couple it with an update in office policies.

That said, here are nine things that you can do to your workplace to boost employee productivity and creativity:

Proper Light and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation have a significant effect on a person’s productivity and creativity. There are many reasons why this is the case, but all-in-all, it all comes down to how comfortable you are.

The more comfortable you are with your work situation, the better your work and the less distracted you’re going to be.

When you have proper lighting, you won’t have to tire out your eyes too much because you have to squint through to see your work. If you exert your eyes too much, you’re going to get headaches, decreasing your comfortability.

Aside from that, if you have proper ventilation, your body will feel comfortable staying in place. You won’t get distracted by the state of your body.

That’s why you should invest in proper light and ventilation in your workplace.

Practice Ergonomics

Similar to the reasoning behind the importance of good lighting and ventilation is why you need to think about ergonomics.

Ergonomics is a design principle that considers a space’s psychological and physiological effects. By keeping ergonomics in mind, you should use office furniture that is comfortable for you.

If your table is too low, your desktop or laptop will be way under your eye level. It will make your neck and back strain too much. After a long day, your body will ache even if you’ve been sitting around all day.

By investing in ergonomic workplace furniture, you will enjoy working for a long time without hurting or causing pain to your body.

Raise the Ceilings

If you want to move out of your current office or plan to renovate it, you should consider raising your office ceilings.

With higher ceilings, the office is going to feel more expansive and open. It’s going to reduce the feeling of clutter and claustrophobia in your office. People will feel less trapped, and it will boost their mental wellness.

Higher ceilings will make the office look more elegant. This helps boost your employees’ productivity and creativity.

Provide Storage Solutions

Your office needs to have enough storage solutions available inside. If you lack the space for storage solutions, your employees will have to use their work desks to store their extra items.

It’s going to make the office look cluttered and disorganized. Aside from that, since things are in their way on their desk, they’re not going to be able to work well.

Thus, having enough storage solutions is crucial to operating a productive and well-oiled office.

Play With Colors

The paint color of your office walls will affect the mood and atmosphere of the workplace.

One popular color for workplaces is the color blue. Blue is often associated with concentration, intelligence, and productivity. You might want to incorporate some blue in areas of focus around your office.

White is solid color for offices, especially for creative spaces, because it allows people to project their ideas more.

Have Office Plants

Adding more plants is always a good idea in the office. Having plants on the desk or around critical areas of the office will add liveliness to the office.

It’s going to add a touch of freshness in any space. Aside from that, indoor plants help better air quality. If you want to reduce feelings of stress and even reduce the office’s noise, consider getting office plants.

Celebrate Personal Achievements

Your employees shouldn’t feel like they’re continually working towards a goal with no stopping.

Take the time to celebrate success, big or small. That way, your employees know what they’ve been working towards all this time. They won’t feel like they’re gear in the machine that’s easy to replace.

Control Noise Level

Noise affects the level of productivity and creativity of the people working in the office. Noise levels are a huge deterrent to some open-plan offices. That’s why you should be strategic with your office layout.

There should be places that are open to when collaboration and creativity are what you need. However, there should also be closed off spaces that allow for focus and concentration.

It would help if you had rooms for meetings and soundproofing in these rooms, so noise doesn’t come in or out of the meeting rooms.

Get Rid of Clutter

According to Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, if you get rid of clutter, you’re going to be more able to focus on your work.

How many times have you found yourself distracted because something on your work desk caught your attention? If that never happened to you, you’re luckier than some people.

Some people are too distracted with clutter that they ended up cleaning their desk instead of working. Meanwhile, if you keep your workspace clutter-free, you have no choice but to start working immediately.

A few tweaks on your office’s interior design can help boost your employee’s productivity and creativity. Sometimes, all it needs is a little bit of cleaning and decluttering. Investing in your employees’ wellness is one of the best investments you could have as a business. That’s why you should use these changes as soon as possible.