Colour adds beauty to a home’s interiors, making it bright, cheerful and aesthetically pleasing. Most people use wall paint or furnishings to bring colour into their homes, but have you ever considered using tiles?

There are not only a ton of unique materials to use that you would have probably never even considered while decorating your house, but there are also a great deal of innovative ways to install tile that will certainly set your home apart from the rest.

From wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, flooring tile carpets in living rooms to tile art on walls tiles can actually provide a creative way to breathe life into an average room. Here are 9 great ways you could make your home look stunning using tiles.  

Metallic Tile

Metallic tile can be dressed up to be masculine or feminine, just depending on the application and choice of decorations and trimmings. These tiles somehow manages to look quite soft and charming and gives you that elegant appeal.

Iridescent Tile

The nice thing about iridescent glass tile is that it always looks different with a variance of colors just depending on the time of day and lighting. You can find a large variety of iridescent tile colors and samples at most home improvement and tiling stores in London

Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale tile (also known as mermaid tile) is a beautiful way to add character to just about any bathroom or even kitchen! It definitely has a beachy feel to it, but with choices in just about every color.

Mixed up Tile

Make the floor (or even a wall) the focal point by mixing up your tile choices with a unique transition. You can even include hardwood into the equation! And because tile is more durable to moisture and scratches, it makes sense to use it by a door entrance or tub surround.

Staggered Tile

Instead of finishing it with a trim or going all the way up to the ceiling, consider adding a little contrast by staggering your tile in a unique finish. The hexagon tiles make it easy to create an impressive transition, but even your standard square and rectangle tiles can give you an exclusive look with a little bit of creativity.

Pearl Tile

Pearl tile gives you a natural, from-the-earth appearance, but yet, is still shimmery and gorgeous! Even in a rustic setting you can get away with a pearl backsplash or trim. It is found that most of these tiles are really thin and not meant for high traffic areas like countertops or floors, but even just a small accent or back splash can make any room look exquisite.

Backsplash grout tiles

Give your floors an interesting design by laying thin strips of small tiles in the grout lines of larger tiles. You’re basically replacing a lot of the grout, so instead of having those soon-to-be dirty lines, they always sparkle! I think this would also look nice in a shower.

Mirror tiles

A mirror is probably the last thing I’d think of when it comes to a kitchen backsplash, but just look at how pretty this is! It would also make a small space seem much larger. But, because you would probably be able to see water spots and splatters on these tiles fairly easily, I would stick to only dry areas such as a home bar.

Tiled area Rug

Give the illusion of an area rug with the creative placement of tile! This is ideal for “zoning” different areas such as under a dining room table, an entryway, or even just a large room with expansive floor space that needs visual interest.

Some of these tiling ways would make your home look stunning and inviting.