9 Easy Kitchen Storage & Organisation Hacks For Small Kitchens

Find out about 9 easy kitchen storage hacks that you can easily do without leaving the house.

Having a large kitchen is great, but many of us don’t have that luxury. Many of us have medium or small kitchens, which means we have medium to small (or what feels like zero) storage space.

If this is you, don’t worry. There are so many solutions to help, and we have 20 of them.

Here are 9 easy kitchen storage & organisation hacks for small kitchens:

1.Have A Clearout

Ditch the 20 year old relish, or the half opened bottle of ketchup from that barbecue last summer, or was it two summers before that?

Anything in date and in good shape can be donated to a food bank. Otherwise, get rid. You will be surprised how much space this clears out.

2. Use Magnets

You can use (strong) magnets to hold propagation stations or herbs, or even knives. This utilises the space on your fridge much better than bundles of paperwork, or alphabet letters.

3. Label Everything

Labelling everything means that you don’t have to rummage through the cupboards to find what you want. This avoids the tidy cupboard quickly becoming an image of chaos.

4. Hanging Space

If you have seen the plant decor trend you will know that hanging space is handy for hanging plants. That same hanging space is handy for hanging storage too. Save space elsewhere by hanging shelves, overheads racks and other handy storage. This makes the use of vertical space without detracting from cupboard space.

5. Go Digital

Buy a cheap tablet, or use an old one, to replace the paperwork you have in your kitchen. With one tablet you could hold the recipes from all your cookbooks. How much space do they take up? You can then mount it or have it in a safe spot away from steam and mess.

6. Use Inserts

Inserts in drawers can be so handy for keeping everything organised. It doesn’t have to be a fancy cutlery organiser. You can do it with cut in half cereal boxes if that works.

7. Utilise Tension Rods

Tension rods can be great for cupboards, and nooks and crannies where the space is awkward. They add an extra level of storage easily. You can hang light utensils, cleaning sprays, or pouches to fill. Just be careful to ensure the rod is strong enough to hold what you are hanging.

8. Use Trays

Trays in the kitchen help you to segment different items easily. You can place your kettle, tea and coffee jars on one tray. You can use trays in the cupboard for your herbs and another for your baking items. Those trays make it so much easier to get everything out easily without removing individual items. They also help you keep the cupboard clean.

9. Get Accessories And Gadgets You Can Store

Clear kitchen surfaces are one of the main ways that a kitchen looks bigger and more spacious. Fill it with gadgets and gizmos and you will quickly find your kitchen looks and feels cluttered. Instead, evaluate which gadgets could be put away. Often we leave gadgets out that only get used once or twice a month. Or, could you switch some of your gadgets for smaller versions, or get rid of them altogether?

The nine tips above can help you get your kitchen that little bit neater, tidier and organised. If you’re still struggling for space in your kitchen, why not consider cheap self storage? Cheap self storage is able to help you move items from your kitchen that take up lots of space. This frees up valuable kitchen space for you to enjoy with your family. Worth considering if things are feeling cramped and impractical day to day. Click here for more information on self storage.


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