Hoodies are useful clothing that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobes. The feature that makes hoodies apart is the hooded cap with adjustable string. Other than that, it also looks like a long-sleeved sweater as it is usually made with thicker fabric materials. The following are the 9 advantages of wearing a hoodie.

Layer Up in the Cold Weather

Hoodies are great to layer up clothing when you want to keep warm in the fall and winter seasons. You can also wear it in the evening when the temperature drop. The best hoodies are those made from a high percentage of cotton. When you are shivering in an air-conditioned room, you can also take out your hoodies and put it on. You can also sleep in your hoodies if the air-con gets too cold in the room.

Cheer You Up

Hoodies will make you feel snug like someone is embracing you. If you are feeling low in chilly weather, a hoodie will give you warmth and cheer you up while you take a walk down the street. Or, if you know someone who happens to suffer from depression, it can be a good idea to give him hoodies as a wish him a good gift. It is like sending your warmth to the depressed recipient and telling him that he is getting your comfort.

Protect You from the Rain

The cap on the hoodies can be a temporary shelter from the rain. It is common for people to not bring an umbrella with them when they are on an outing. It can also shield your head from the ultraviolet light if your area is having hot weather with a high temperature in the day time. Allowing your head to be exposed to the ultraviolet light from the hot sun is no good for the health. No one would say anything when you wear hoodies with the cap on as it is considered a fashion style to do so. The cap can also be useful for hiding a bad haircut or a bald head. Get more details on Stussy hoodies here.

Hide Your Hands in the Hoodies Pockets

Hoodies allow you to hide your hands in the hand pockets at the bottom when you are walking. For example, there is something on your hand that you don’t want people to see, like writing on the back of your hand. It is just like putting your hand in the pockets of your jeans. It is useful when your jeans’ side pockets are full of your items and have no space for you to shove in your hands.

Keep the Earphones in Place

Hoodies are suitable for people who like to listen to songs when they are walking. The hood will keep the earphones intact in your ear and prevent it from falling when you are walking. Some have a hidden cord loop in the cap which allows you to hang your earphones around the neck. So, when you want to listen to the song, you just connect the earphones cable to the smartphone in the pocket at the bottom and plug in the earphones into your ear.

Make You Feel Young Again

Hoodies are kids clothing – you can see teenager and youngsters in the 20s wearing it frequently when they go on a casual outing. So, if you look in the mirror and feel you are getting old, you can try wearing a hoodie and see if it make you feel young. Even if not, it’ll still make you feel cool and give you the reminiscence of the younger days.  Grey, navy, and black hoodies are the best choice for most people but If you want to make an impression and statement, yellows and bold red hoodies will do the job.

Can Be Paired With Any Clothing

Hoodies are versatile clothing that can be easily paired with any type of clothing. It is not exactly a sweater although it is made from thick fabric. You can pair it with jeans, khakis, formal pants, track pants, and legging pants. You can wear any shirt inside such as sleeveless shirt, worn-out t-shirt, and button-up office shirt inside. It also looks nice with almost any shoe like sneaker and boat shoes.

Baggy and Not Tight

Hoodies are baggy and not tight, perfect for people with a health problem that does not allow them to wear a tight shirt. For example, if you have a nerve problem, wearing a tight shirt can cause nerve pain. Because it is baggy, it feels airy. You can feel the air circulating your hoodies. You can choose a lighter hoodie made from thinner fabric to get a lighter feeling.

Hoodies Can Help You to Destress

It feels relaxing and less stress to wear hoodies. If you are looking to destress, you can try wearing hoodies when you are going on an outing. It can make you forget about the stress at work since you are not following office regulation and wearing office clothes. It is also the casual type of clothing that people usually wear when they are holidaying in a resort.