Kisses are hugely important. Those aren’t just pleasant movements, moreover – kisses work as icebreakers by connecting partners and leading to more fundamental physical interaction. No wonder the entire chemistry between you and your mate depends on your skills in this field. Thanks to our experts from Russian Wives Online dating site, we managed to gather the necessary 8 tips on how to make you a better kisser. Let’s start!



  1. Get ready in advance

Of course, kisses are mostly spontaneous, yet sometimes, you need to think it out before approaching your partner (especially, when it comes to the first kiss). Plan ahead when and where you’d like this to happen and how to drop hints that you wish to get more intimate.

  1. Keep yourself fresh and clean

Maintaining hygiene is always necessary, in particular, this makes your mouth “kissable”. First of all, you should keep it clean: no food particles between your teeth, no bad breath scent. After having dinner at a date, remember to use toothpicks/dental floss or chew a mint gum. Otherwise, your partner might get frustrated.

  1. Catch the right moment

The atmosphere is essential for shifting your date’s mind into a more romantic state. So the venue means a lot. Pre-planning your meetup, think of spots you could hang out in private. If this is your first time together, pick some quiet corner to visit in the end.

  1. Work with your eyes

During a kiss, our eyes are normally closed. However, you should maintain the eye contact before and after this act, as well as look at your partner’s face between multiple kisses. This helps you to feel the connection stronger.

  1. Watch out the tempo

There’s no need to hurry up while kissing – slow it down. Let you both enjoy every single moment of the process. Run it gradually, delicately, and very sexy. For the first time, try not to caress your friend’s   intimate zones or predatorily “eat” her/his face. As we believe, there are subtle boundaries between a romance-awakening act and plain sexual interaction.



  1. Move your hands

Quite an important question. What should you do with your hands? Basically, don’t let them just be fastened around your body. Make some nice things during a kiss: give hugs, let your palms touch your partner’s face, hair, and shoulders. Just don’t reach too far. Being overly cocky and assertive might reject people from you.

  1. Don’t stick to the lips

Lips are where you start, but don’t focus on those all the time – it’s boring. Give attention to her/his cheeks, chin, or even neck. Anyway, keep it soft and tender like playing a game. Your job here is actually to make your partner willing to respond.

  1. Notice how your mate reacts

This is probably one of the most critical aspects. The way your date answers to your actions tells you about the quality of your performance. So giving a kiss, try to stay “sober”: watch out how she/he is breathing and moving. Even if there are no words to be said, body language ultimately signals you on what’s right and what’s wrong.