In today’s world where change is the only constant and everyone is running against time, stress is a common by-product that all of us suffer from day in and day out. The cut-throat competition and the relentless struggle to cater to every craving have made stoicism and composure a rare phenomenon in our lives.

The human body is capable of tolerating small bursts of stress that assist one to get through a particular situation. However, the elevated levels of continued stress over a stretched period of time can turn out to be quite detrimental for anyone.

This goes without saying that the massive stress comes with its own set of ailments and side-effects. Over time, one’s ability to cope with the stress may get quite challenging and this can eventually start to have negative impacts on your health.

Research has brought to light that stress can impact your life negatively. That can have a number of manifestations and according to the top dentist in Greenpoint dental health is not left behind in this.

  • Clenching of the Teeth or Teeth Grinding – Stress can give rise to worrying and repetitive thoughts that can give rise to teeth grinding during sleep. If you find that you are having headache after waking up or get stressed during sleeping you may be clenching your teeth without being aware of it. Stress can also lead to unknowingly clenching at the time having a thought or an action. Both of these conditions put a lot of strain on the teeth and the gums as well as the adjacent structures of support.

  • Mouth Sores – Cold sores or canker sores are often the result of the emotional stress. These can cause discomfort or pain as the healing takes place for about 10-14 days. You should talk to your dentist as they can provide rinses or medication to help with the healing and minimise the discomfort and go ahead with the healing. Not only that, they also suggest the right dietary plans that will expedite the prevention and the remedy.

  • Poor Habits – Smoking as a way of coping up because of excessive stress can increase during the stressful times and can have detrimental effects on your immunity as well. This enhances the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Poor Diet or Nutrition – When you are stressed it is likely that you consume less. This can lead to a lack in the essential nutrients and vital vitamins for maintaining health. An unbalanced and poor diet can also increase the decay of the tooth.

  • Dry Mouth – Dry mouth is one of the direct effects of stress. It is your saliva that washes away the particles of the food, keeps the mouth balanced and also keeps the breath fresh. This saliva is also crucial for proper digestion. Dry mouth can also be a result of the medications prescribed for dealing with the symptoms and depressions related to stress.

  • Gum Disease – Your immunity gets affected by stress. This reduces its ability to fight the harmful bacteria that can cause damage to the gums and give rise to the gum disease.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – Busy times or stressful times in our lives may affect our day-to-day schedule and that does not allow enough time to brush or floss in a regular manner. This can enhance the risk of tooth decay and gum disease to a great extent.

  • Missing the Regular Appointments with the Dentist – It is imperative to visit the most reputed dentist in Greenpoint every six months. This not only helps to diagnose and mange dental issues that may worsen over time but also helps to know the preventive measures for the same.

The above are some of the ways the dental health can be affected by stress. So if you are experiencing the same try to reduce it by yourself or take medical help if the need be. Now that you know what stress can do to you, you should try to restrain your stress level as much as much possible in order to lead a good and healthy life.